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Interesting Facts About Canon Printers

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Canon is a brand that most people will have heard of and will usually associate with either photography or printing. Since the introduction of digital photography, Canon is a great brand to bring these two together; taking amazing photographs and printing them at home with excellent quality using a Canon printer. Here are some interesting facts that you may not know about Canon printers!

Canon Has A Long History Of Printing

As a brand for printing Canon has a long history and was once one of the only main manufacturers of print engines that were supplied for industry standard printers. This expertise in industry standard printing over the years has been adapted and now we can all choose to have our own Canon printing machine within our office home. Thankfully they are a lot smaller now!

Canon Is An Eco-Friendly Brand

When you are choosing which type of printer to buy, you might want to keep in mind that Canon is an eco-friendly business. The brand uses eco-friendly methods in their manufacturing processes and maintains high standards of ethical processes across all of their products. For anyone who wants to ensure they maintain their own eco standards when buying products, a Canon printer is definitely worth consideration.

Additionally, to further support eco-friendly practices and save money in the long run, you can opt to buy printer ink in bulk online, reducing packaging waste and lowering overall costs per print.
after this sentence: For anyone who wants to ensure they maintain their own eco standards when buying products, a Canon printer is definitely worth consideration.

You Don’t Need Original Canon Ink

It’s easy to think that you should always put original Canon ink into your Canon printer, however, with the quality of printer inks continuously improving, this isn’t the case. Even when it comes to printing photo quality images, you don’t need to pay the price of genuine branded Canon inks. If you do a lot of printing you will probably find that you spend a lot of money on consumables! Next time you need ink for Canon printers, take the time to look at compatible inks. For those facing issues with dry ink cartridges, you can explore useful tips on how to fix a dry ink cartridge in this helpful guide.

For example, when comparing 270 canon ink cartridges, you can make massive savings by finding the right Canon printer alternative ink.

Canon Printers May Never Have Existed!

Canon started life as a camera manufacturer and during the second world war the company lost a lab and found that they were unable to get any of the materials they needed to continue making cameras. It could have been the end of the brand as without materials, they couldn’t produce any more products. However, someone had a brilliant idea to reuse parts of older Canon models that were no longer being manufactured. Using this materials meant that the company could continue to make new cameras and this meant the company began to thrive again!

If no-one had thought of using old camera parts to make new cameras, the Canon printer may have never existed!

Nowadays, Canon is one of the most famous brands of printer and ship their products all over the world. If you are in the market for a new printer, this is definitely a brand to consider, however, make sure to check out the replacement inks that are on the market instead of opting to buy Canon ink cartridges straight away.

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