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Is It  “Black Lives Matter” or “Black Lives Matter Only When it’s Convenient ” ?

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photos by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, recent Ridgewood protests have brought into focus the group  “Black Lives Matter” and what its all about . While it’s a catchy phrase and few would argue with it  ,the Ridgewood blog is a bit confused with the message .  When an unarmed black man is murdered by a white Police officer , “Black Lives Matter”.

But where they lose a lot of people is with the messages inconsistency. Most American have heard of George Floyd, the African American man who was the victim of egregious use of lethal force by police in Minneapolis , but we do not know the name of even one of 87 African Americans who were shot in Chicago on the July 4th weekend ?  By the way 13 were children and 17 died. So did those  “Black Lives Matter”  as well ? Or should they change the name of the movement to , “Only Certain Black Lives Matter”, or “Black Lives Matter Only When it’s Convenient “.

When mostly white protesters yell racial slurs at mostly African American police officers,  it does not appear to us that ,” Black Lives Matter”.

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So let’s take a look at the numbers and which of the following examples did in fact ,  “Black Lives Matter” ?

In Chicago over this 4th of July weekend (Thursday eve. – Sunday eve.), 87 blacks were shot including 13 African American children, and 17 African Americans who were shot died including two African American children.

In New York City over this 4th of July weekend (Friday –Sunday), 44 African Americans were shot and 11 African Americans killed, mostly through gunfire.

In Atlanta, Austin, Hoover, Alabama, Washington DC, and Greenville, S.C. over this 4th of July weekend, numerous African Americans , including many black children were shot, and a large number died.

In 2016, 89.5% (2,570) of African Americans who were murdered were killed by other African Americans according to the FBI’s 2016 Crime in the United States report. That “black on black” murder rate will surely be higher this year.

In 2018, African Americans , who are 13% of the US population, were convicted of 53% of the homicides and 60% of the robberies in the U.S .

In 2018, the African Americans illegitimacy rate is now over 70% according to the Social Capital Project, and in 2018, 65% of African Americans children were being raised in single parent households according to Kids Count Data Center.

In New York City from 2012-2016, more African Americans babies were aborted (136,426) than black babies being born (118,127) according to the NYC Health Department.

In the U.S., African Americans women, who are 13% of the female population, have 36% of the abortions according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

African Americans children all over the country in inner city union-controlled schools are getting a sub-standard education, and as a result, a substantial number of these African Americans children have a completely inadequate education and are unprepared for a decent job or college.

In 2017-2018, African Americans children had a lower high school graduation rate (79%) compared to whites (89%), Hispanics (81%), and Asian/Pacific Islanders (92%) according to the U.S. Department of Education

24 thoughts on “Is It  “Black Lives Matter” or “Black Lives Matter Only When it’s Convenient ” ?

  1. This whole BLM protesting and rioting we’re seeing lately has nothing to do with black lives. We would not be seeing these events if it were not for the fact that we are four months away from an election.

  2. No sense arguing with facts, liberals will only tell you that it is because of the systemic racism! These children are railing against their own soft, comfortable lifestyle, but change will be coming and it won’t be pretty. With federal debts in the trillions and state debt in the billions, we will all be working slaves. Black and white.

  3. This article is a disgusting misrepresentation of the Black Lives Matter movement. The BLM movement is seeking to end systemic racism in policing in the United States. An entity which vows to protect and defend all citizens. Comparing a death at the hands of police to another shooting is comparing apples to oranges. While both are terrible acts and must be stopped, one is a taxpayer funded organization. James please stop being so ignorant to please your friends that read this blog.

    1. a better comment ,did you read the post????????????????????????????????

  4. Donations to the BLM movement are processed through ACTBLUE to the benefit of Democrat campaigns – that is money laundering on a massive scale:

  5. Where’s the conclusion to the article? You left a bunch of data and that was the article?

  6. New name for BLM: GBM (get boomer money!)

    Honestly, do yourself a favor and look up what the protestors want: non-western education, big bucks for social workers, jobs for ppl who will teach white ppl that they have privilege, etc etc. nothing to do with black lives. Everything to do with jobs for social justice degreed spoiled white kids. Why? Because they have no other job prospects. Manufacturing is moving to Mexico, IT to India, Finance to everywhere but NYC, media is dying because 10x more ppl watch Joe Rogan than CNN… I blame boomers!

  7. Russia and China are laughing at us.

    They will eat our collective lunches.

  8. PJ its BLM for white rich kids who want to get paid and not word

  9. I still can not get over the fact that a bunch of white Ridgewood kids think they speak for black people , butter to put you energy to something productive, like mentoring kids from Paterson

  10. This is no different to climate change. Yes, there is a climate problem that needs addressing, but that movement, too, got highjacked by organized prolitical operatives who inserted massive amounts of distortions in order to get their agenda items in. Just like BLM, if you question any part of it, you are immediately ripped as a denier, or worse.

  11. These kids have a lot of time to waste. Why don’t they volunteer at one of the kids groups centers. They have them in Hackensack, They can take the bus ride from Ridgewood.

  12. Where are our elected leaders in all of this? Pandering to ignorant children or standing up for the tax paying business owner?

  13. 80 shot in Chicago this weekend, 10 dead. Mayor Is focused on a stunt to get the census completed vs saving lives. Same w DeBlasio ..and every other city run by the far left
    This so called movement does not have A clue. Focus on the real issues if u really care about the welfare of the black community.

  14. Having lived on the boarder of midland Park and Ridgwood for well over 30 years I was surprised to read the record to day on the protests that guote “ all white Ridgewood “ now if I am not mistaken when I lived there on the boarder broad st had a number of lovely black families in lovely homes has that changed for the record to post such a statement. Or is that another mistake or was it another lie to be corrected

  15. Tina, you’re not mistaken. There are indeed many many immigrant households in Ridgewood. There are African American households and mixed families with a minority husband or a wife. What connects all these people is that they all worked hard and smart to get to Ridgewood. A point missed on Marxist dogmatics who don’t believe in hard work. Marxists believe that we’re all thieves here. Ripe for banishment to a gulag. The longer we try to rationalize these protests, the more we waste time. The “kids” are pawns of evil philosophy and manipulators. There’s no negotiating with scum like that. Only a unified stand against their evil.

  16. I have lived in Ridgewood for a very long time, and until the BLM stuff I didn’t know Ridgewood was “all white” ,hummm I guess the school board does not count . I even remember when Elston Howard lived here, Evelyn “Champagne” King , Chris Chambliss whose wife was very active ,the Village seems to have never recovered from the Village Hall debacle ….

  17. it’s ‘border’….

  18. They want changes in the Ridgewood Schools. More diverse faculty, mandatory class on racism and more inclusive history program. Why wouldn’t you fo to a Board of Ed meeting and address this? Standing on a corner with a cardboard sign won’t change anything. The BoE meeting schedule is on the RPS website.

    They also want to change the police department. Not sure what brought this on, but again, Go to a council meeting to address issues with the police department. I do not know of instances where the police overreacted but maybe I am out of the loop.

    Calling people “racist” and “white supremicist” will not change any hearts or minds. Isn’t the purpose to change hearts and minds? And not to act like bigots yourself?

  19. Saying BLM is only about “ending systemic racism in policing” is not true. Read their mission statement. How does destroying the nuclear family have anything to do with policing? Calling for destruction of the family is a common goal of totalitarian movements from Mao to Stalin to Hitler and shows the real mission of this group

  20. BLM is Ransom Ware. Give us money and we will give you back your life.

  21. The Great Village or Ridgewood what we remember has changed so much in the past few years. I just don’t know what to say I want time it was great. Now it’s just turning into A small city.

  22. 65 shot in Chicago over the weekend.
    None by police.

  23. OPEN THE POOL SO KIDS CAN HAVE REAL FUN!! Why is this the only group activity permitted?? Adults are not behaving responsibly when they bar the pool, out door concerts etc. but allow this – the only way young people can congregate with their friends.

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