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Is Ridgewood Councilwoman Siobhan Winograd’s use of a “restricted” Facebook page to discuss official Village business legal?


the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Councilwoman Siobhan Winograd is still actively engaging in discussions about official Village business on the heavily censored “Ridgewood Moms & Dads” Facebook page.

As many supporters of The Ridgewood Blog know, the administrator of that page, Steve Freides, rules it with an iron fist (as did Ms. Winograd when she was the Page’s administrator). Dissent is not permitted. If your posted comments oppose those of the administrator or Councilwoman Winograd’s, you’re booted right off.

Thus, The Ridgewood Blog questions the legality of the Councilwoman’s continued use of a one-sided, heavily censored social media platform to carry on discussions related to Village issues. It doesn’t seem she’s encouraging transparency of any sort by hiding behind what many residents view as an impenetrable iron curtain.

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20 thoughts on “Is Ridgewood Councilwoman Siobhan Winograd’s use of a “restricted” Facebook page to discuss official Village business legal?

  1. A Slytherine if ever I saw one.

  2. that Facebook page is full mind numb robots , clueless and do what they are told , Paul had a D by his name so it was automatic , commonsense and reality be damned . Most of the transients on that page move away after the kids graduate , so they say yes to everything , they wont get stuck with the bill

  3. Isn’t that the same person alleged to be routinely violating local zoning laws by operating a business from his home without proper approvals?

    1. Such as,? What kind of business

      1. Music lessons.

  4. I lost all respect in this town we the dolts voted to eliminate the school budget vote and the idiots in the LWV promoted not voting (wow do they need a history lesson )

  5. people get what they voted for they think real life is like Facebook

  6. I can not under stand how so many stupid people got in and took over the town ?

    1. Same bunch of dopes that elect Sheila Brogan to the BoE every couple of years.

  7. A$$ kisser the whole bunch its embarrassing

  8. The down side of democracy

    1. correct.
      Once the idiots amass in great numbers….

  9. She has basically lied about every single promise she has made and is truly a stick figure without a soul. Trees (only if you plant them but not if you rip them out of the ground), clean water as she stood in front of the water department claiming that if she was elected would be a priority, but votes on artificial turf knowing that private wells will be compromised, sidewalks, I guess only in her neighborhood and not on West Glen and elsewhere….I guess if you can change the narrative and cherry pick so that you keep people guessing that you fool them into thinking you actually have everyone’s best interests at heart, instead of the special interest sports groups she’s aligned with.

  10. Why do we have a village attorney ? Should he be looking into all this?

  11. The Village attorney is a misnomer. He does not work for the village. He is the village council attorney. He is hired at will by them, and can be fired at will, by a simple majority vote. Therefore it is in his best interest to give them the answers they want and to look the other way when they want him to. His job depends on keeping the council majority happy.

  12. Political people who are elected should not be able to be part of a Facebook group where they or others on behalf of them can censor comments based on trying to control the narrative. that being said, comments should not be vulgar but everyone is entitle to free speech. Paul tried to hide comments on his Mayor Paul Vagianos Facebook page until the ACLU stepped in to correct actions.

  13. Call channel 12 news, see if they will do a story on it.

    1. they won t do anything he has Democrat immunity

      1. tell them he is Republican and see if they do it

  14. I thinks ALL comments should be posted on facebook. It is our new town hall.

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