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Is the Bergen County GOP Line For Sale?

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hackensack NJ, a website know as the “Jersey Conservative ” ran a post yesterday pointing to what appeared to be the attempt by a member on the Bergen County Republican Organization  (BCRO) trying to to sell “the line”  to Congressional candidate Frank Pallotta .

In New Jersey ballots used by the majority of voters are organized around a slate of candidates endorsed by either the Democratic or the Republican Party. These slates of candidates are known as the “county line” or the “party line,” in reference to the fact that the endorsements are determined at the county party level and the endorsed candidates are presented on the ballot as a vertical or horizontal line of names. Candidates not on the line are placed in other columns or rows, sometimes far away from the county line candidates.  New Jersey’s primary ballots have helped shape electoral outcomes for more than two decades, by providing a substantial advantage to those on the “county line.”

This comes as no surprise to many readers of the Ridgewood blog . Over the years we have questioned many of the strategies employed by the BCRO and the consistent inability to field candidates who actually make any effort campaigning .

As long as we can remember the Bergen County Republican Organization  (BCRO) has been attempting to remake itself ,with a one consistent theme , losing elections .

The latest misstep chronicled by “Jersey Conservative ” are documented by the following 2020 text exchange between GOP operative Matthew Gilson and Congressional candidate Frank Pallotta :


Did he really say : ““Buy the line… Either give the money now or don’t cry to me when u didn’t get the line… I negotiated to give u the line if u gave money… All we can do is tell you how to get the line…”


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  1. Any organization with a leader named Zisa is going to have problems.

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