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Long-Distance Moving: Essential Tips

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Moving house is a stressful event in itself, but the stress tends to double if you’re heading to a place far away from your present home. You need to look at moving from a different perspective so you can enjoy it and you can quickly settle into your new home. This article explores the following topics:

  • How moving distance can affect your overall experience;
  • What measures you can take to make sure the moving is smooth;
  • How a moving checklist can help you minimize risks;
  • How a local movers NYC company can also save your long-distance moving.

When the Cost of Mistakes Grows

The main problem with long-distance moving is that whatever gets lost or forgotten is much harder to track, find, or restore; the cost of such measures grows in proportion to moving distance.

Intermediate storage can be more challenging than usual when you move long distances, too. Not every moving company will offer you enough support with this aspect. See below to find out how you can find a truly reliable moving services provider for such cases.

Plan Ahead

Traditionally, it’s never a bad idea to start planning as far ahead as reasonably possible. This is especially true when it comes to long-range moving. Start by making a personal moving schedule with all the milestones defined in it. These should include the following:

  • the date by which you want to sort out your belongings and get rid of whatever you aren’t going to take along;
  • the deadline for getting everything packed;
  • the moving date.

Having a list will be very helpful. And in a family moving, one person overseeing everything can be tedious. It would be best to assign responsibilities to each family member. This way everyone pulls their own weight.

Don’t forget to factor in storage, if needed. Whether you are new to moving or have extensive experience, consider consulting a professional moving company that offers long-distance service. This way you’ll be able to plan the undertaking in a way that’s comfortable for you and enables you to use the best offers they have for you. See below to learn how to find one.

Engage a Team of Professionals

Not every moving company will help you with long-distance transit. When looking for one, it’s important that you ask your friends or look for reviews associated with high mileage. Additionally, make sure you ask the company representative about their approach and pricing.

There are companies that also offer support services. Depending on your situation and preferences, these might include help with packing, assembling and disassembling bigger furniture and storage. Seka Moving also offers long-distance packaging and will gladly help you with the event.

A moving company that’s operated for years within your area can better assist you with this task. They’re more adept at the rules and regulations of the locality so you’ll have an easier time going through the whole process. If permits need to be secured, they have liaison officers who can accomplish this efficiently. Experts like Staten Island moving company will provide you with the best services for this task. You can even contact them for last-minute moves so you don’t have to stress yourself out. 

Moreover, if you’re very particular about the company’s environmental and social impact, you can check their website or social media pages.  In this day and age, it’s vital that the movers you choose value recycling and reusing materials and the route efficiency of each move they conduct. Partnering with a mover with the same beliefs as yours can add value to your ideology.

Make Up a Checklist

No matter how professional the team you’re hiring is, you’ll make their job much easier if you leave them a list of everything they need to transfer. It will also help you control every stage of the process.

Here are the items you need to include:

  • a comprehensive list of items by packaging category, if packed, or size;
  • any special treatment requirements (be sure to agree on these beforehand, for example if you have expensive art objects or musical instruments to move);
  • remarks regarding any special conditions in both your old home and the new one, such as narrow doorframes.

It’s also advisable to make an inventory of everything you have at the initial stage and cross things out as you pack or dispose of them. You’ll surely need some time to sell or donate certain items, too. After all, chances aren’t very high that you’ll want to have that coat you’ve only worn twice and never really liked in your new home, are they?

Planning and Control Are Key

Moving long distances doesn’t have to be a mess. Invest in your success by planning everything at an early stage and hiring a team that offers specialized long-range moving services, such as Seka Moving.

Leave a comment if you have advice to share with those who have yet to move home.

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  1. Be very careful about who you are, second you need to weigh everything out and see how much it will cost to move everything. It might be cheaper just to sell everything and buy no beard because you can costume big money to move back when you go on a far distance. Get estimates

  2. I would recommend physically checking the moving truck yourself after it has been emptied by movers. Just to make sure nothing is left behind in the truck – it happened to me and in all the chaos didn’t find out till way after the fact I was missing something. Lesson learned.

  3. Moving a long distance can indeed be a very daunting and scary process, but that’s where these tips will come into play. Trust me; these tips will help you greatly in this particular regard.

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