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July 31st was “Maria Doerr Day” in Ridgewood

Ridgewood Village Hall 17

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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Court Administrator Maria Doerr retired on July 31.  She was an asset to the Village, very professional, friendly, and understanding.  She will be missed by those who worked with her.  Enjoy your retirement, Maria, you deserve it!

It is ironic, however, that a photo taken at her retirement was credited to Jeffrey D. Voigt.  If not for Voigt, Ms. Doerr’s work life would have been a whole lot easier.  She spent a great deal of time processing frivolous complaints that the councilman filed against citizens and council colleagues, all of which were thrown out when they reached a judge’s desk.  She was surely rolling her eyes that he even had the audacity to show up when the proclamation was read by Deputy Mayor Knudsen, proclaiming July 31 as “Maria Doerr Day.” 

5 thoughts on “July 31st was “Maria Doerr Day” in Ridgewood

  1. Simply put, Voigt is a douche bag.

  2. I knew Maria. She used to shake her head about Voigt. And roll her eyes.

  3. Best of luck to Maria Doerr. Never met you, but I am sorry you had to have dealings with Vicious Voigt.

  4. Good for you. Get out While you can. Enjoy yourself. And don’t look back. Don’t walk run. ,, ha’ha’

  5. So true , with all the bull shit that is going around in that building . If any one else can retire go now.!!!!! Just some have no balls.

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