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Looks like Mayor Hache’s rush to be politically correct and garner favors with the pride community is going to backfire big time now

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Ridgewood NJ, Did anyone listen to the Council meeting the other night?  In between the discussions about Schedler and the parking garage, there was an interesting few minutes about the new flagpole in Van Neste. For those of you who have not been paying attention, that pole was erected on the North-West corner of the park in a big fat hurry in May, in order to get a PRIDE flag flying in time for June.  The pole was funded by “private” donation from the owner of Park West, Frank DelVecchio, JOLT, Vagianos, the owner of Pearl, and Siobhan Winograd.  Some on the Council seemingly did not even know about it until it was installed.  But Mayor Hache sure did know.  Although it was installed because of the impending Pride month, the flagpole was a gift to the Village and no group or entity has ownership of it.  Well, the pride flag went up in a very nice ceremony, and it flew there for the month of June, and now the Council has been tasked with figuring out what the heck to do about regulating other flags.  Attorney Matt Rogers floated a long list of factors-questions-concerns to consider including, but not limited to:

  • how far in advance do you have to apply to have your flag flown? (no, you cannot apply now for next June)
  • you cannot regulate “offensive” because that is subjective, so images on a flag might be pretty varied
  • looks like if you want to put up a flag celebrating your child’s birthday or bat mitzvah, you will be able to
  • how long can a flag fly (a week, two weeks, a month)?
  • what if two people or organizations want to fly their flags at the same time?
  • the location of the flagpole is called the “public forum space at Van Neste,” or something like that
  • what if conflicting flags might fly at the same time (pro abortion, anti abortion)?
  • they might (o might now) allow two flags up the pole at the same time, but then which one goes on top if there are conflicts?
  • who will pay for the workers that will raise the flag (it was stated that members of the public will not be able to do so themselves)
  • can someone put up a political flag? (as in Aronsohn’s commandeering of the Warner Theater marquis for his campaign)

The list from Matt Rogers was extensive.  This is going to be a big pot of toxic soup.  There are definitely more questions than answers at this time.  Looks like Mayor Hache’s rush to be politically correct and garner favors with the pride community is going to backfire big time now.  Stay tuned.

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21 thoughts on “Looks like Mayor Hache’s rush to be politically correct and garner favors with the pride community is going to backfire big time now

  1. I’d like to see a confederate flag fly.

  2. Don’t worry Mayor you have the backing of the Bergen County Democratic party. Just look who donated the flag pole. The sky is the limit for your political career Mayor all you have to do is keep sucking up.

  3. This was a mistake from the git-go. Opening a big can of worms

  4. They should have just said NO to this flagpole. Too many problems will now result.

  5. Jolly Roger

  6. Is a swastika considered offensive? How about a confederate flag? Or a picture of a dead fetus? This was a mistake. Take it down.

  7. The slippery slope argument that many of you are using is a well-known logical fallacy. It ignores the possibility of a middle ground and takes everything to its extreme. There are endless solutions to decide whether something is offensive or appropriate, including commissions and the council itself. Subjectivity is inherent to democracy itself and there’s nothing in our society that isn’t deemed acceptable or not except by society itself. Stop using fear mongering to justify your opposition to a policy just because you’re not comfortable being honest about the reasons behind your true opposition to it (homophobia).

    1. Stfu you sick woke scum. In this country, ONLY 1 FLAG SHOULD BE FLOWN. ..THE AMERICAN FLAG. Leave it to sick deranged WOKE psychos like Mayor Hache and YOU to start destroying a great American town like Ridgewood. TAKE THAT DISGUSTING FLAG DOWN. IT IS OFFENSIVE AND SHOULD BE REPLACED WITH THE AMERICAN FLAG!

  8. I like to know who is going to maintain it.

  9. Maybe he should fly the big zucchini from his new buddy and healthbarn owner

  10. All it took for him to change his mind about a business in a park was a big fat zucchini

    I guess he works for food

    Over that hypocrite and liar

  11. Boston is currebtly having its posterior handed to it over this very issue. This is the cost of doing virtue signaling business.

  12. Virtue signalers are in panic

  13. All this virtual signaling depresses property prices time is better spent filling potholes

  14. You with all the long paragraphs. Stop being so condescending and superior. I am not homophobic. I am openly gay. And I think the flagpole was a big mistake. I do not need a rainbow flag to live my life. And I do not want the possibility of hateful flags. Come down off your high horse. objecting does not make a person homophobic.

  15. The last thing we want is a Government Committee to decide what is offensive.

  16. Hache = Aronsohn 2.0

  17. “The last thing we want is a Government Committee to decide what is offensive.”

    We already have a Village Council that twice decided what is virtuous, i.e., by voting that we as a village should, for the entire month of June (every year apparently), display a flag that conveys the sentiment that a lifestyle based on sexual sodomy is a lifestyle that is good for anyone, young or old, to practice.

    In doing so, the Village Council effectively proclaimed, through the time-tested political technique of “virtue signaling”, that anyone in Ridgewood who supports traditional morality is now in the minority and should forthwith shut his or her piehole.

    Do we not already have “a Government Committee to decide what is offensive”?

  18. The only people who support the “rainbow” flag are hetrofobes who hate straight individuals and their life style.

  19. “The only people who support the “rainbow” flag are hetrofobes who hate straight individuals and their life style.”

    A very prominent member of the Village Council and a similarly prominent member of the administration of Ridgewood HS are both Catholics who attend Holy Mass regularly. Both also prominently and enthusiastically worship at the local rainbow flag altar every year. On which planet does this constitute faithful adherence to the doctrines of the faith? At what point does their support for the SSA sodomitical lifestyle earn them a stern “talking to” from padre?

    On the other hand, who are we kidding.

    Catholic politicians in this country are freely permitted to bring scandal upon the Church and its adherents with impunity. New York’s Governor Cuomo probably most prominent among them at this point. He should be on the New York Archdiocese’s most wanted list for what he did recently in signing into law the most permissive abortion laws in the country, even winking at post-natal infanticide. When asked about the possibility of excommunicating Cuomo and forbidding him from receiving Communion at Holy Mass, however, the local ordinary, Cardinal Archbishop Timothy Dolan, simply shrugged his shoulders and asked his clueless interlocutor, “What good would it do if I did?”

    And the Americanist Heresy marches on. (From “The Americanist heresy is characterized as an insistence upon individual initiative which the Vatican judged to be incompatible with a fundamental principle of Catholicism: obedience to authority.)

  20. Devo said it all in 1980 “Use your freedom of choice. Freedom of choice”

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