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Just Stop the “We are all in this together” Nonsense ,Small Business Owners and Long Term Care patients Beg to Differ

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood  NJ, A small business owner who had to close her “nonessential business” says that she has had several run-ins with police while she tried to make some money.The latest incident came while Katherine Hermes was conducting a shop-from-home-style Facebook Live video from her Country Home store in downtown Bernardsville. Hermes and a friend were inside the store – both not wearing masks – showing off the products to viewers who can purchase them online. Police showed up around 9 p.m. on Tuesday.  This just days after the Murphy Administration shut down a south Jersey gym .

Murphy’s tyrannical lock down  may sink by some estimates 40% of all New Jersey small businesses  as well as lead to the collapse of state finances.

It is a shame the police didn’t  use the same vigor to act to stem the death toll in nursing homes and other long term care facilities. 5,368 dead and counting or more than 40% of the coronavirus deaths in New Jersey have been tied to long-term care settings.  A staggering toll that includes the elderly, decorated soldiers, and patients with dementia. Based on the state’s own numbers, that means roughly 1 in 13 people who were in long-term care facilities when the pandemic started in New Jersey are now dead . Even in Ridgewood 28 or the 35 residents who passed from coronavirus were in Long Term care facilities.

Lets face it ,  we already knew New Jersey hates business and especially small business , but up till now the hatred for seniors or at lest a total disregard for the welfare of residents in long term care facilities seems inexplicable. As preciously reported on the Ridgewood blog a letter was sent by the New Jersey Department of Health dated March 31 directing hospitals and nursing care facilities not to inhibit transfer of hospital patients with COVID-19 entering post-acute care settings such as long-term nursing and rehabilitation facilities.

The Murphy Administration  ,like New York and Pennsylvania forced COVID infected patients into high risk populations in direct violation of CDC protocol.

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