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Keep Our Vote : Activist Judge Puts School Budget Vote on the November Ballot

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Please keep your story straight about One Village One Vote Since we cannot post this on some censored Village Facebook pages, please spread the word.

According to the Group Keep Our Vote :

1. Its not the duty of Village Manager to provide advice on Referendum petition (N.J.S.A. 40:69A-184 through 189 and N.J.S.A. 19:60-1)
2. The BOE elections and the Municipal elections are government by different laws and bye laws
3. OVOV raised – 1 Petition, for those who have signed, please ask them – why was there 1 petition to move two different elections (Village clerk has confirmed to court that she hasn’t given any advice related to BOE elections)
4. They did not follow the law of 15% of last presidential elections signatures required for the Petition, they had ~ 500 Signatures against ~2000 required.
5. Their deficient petition was rejected by Village manager
6. They filed a case, claiming that they were not supported by Village Manager and she had motives, so they should be allowed relief and question be put on ballot by the court.

As a way to circumvent the legal requirements to have the referendum question on ballot, having failed to do so, they are now attacking the village manager for violating their civil rights, Village manager has 30 years of service record and not one controversy but there cannot be an easier way for OVOV team to get the question on the ballot. Since they could NOT satisfy the minimum requirement and did NOT follow the process.
The matter is sub-judice and court will decide but if for some reason their smear campaign against an impeccable public servant succeeds and they are able to bring the referendum to the ballot through the back door

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7 thoughts on “Keep Our Vote : Activist Judge Puts School Budget Vote on the November Ballot

  1. Those losers on One Village One Vote are spewing lies and falsehoods Willy nilly

  2. Saw this on Facebook, it is perfect: “Beware of anyone who wants to take away your ability to vote…”

    The OneLessVote crowd lies about a few things.. the most amazing is that voting puts school children at risk of violence. What depraved person makes up something like that to tray and strip taxpayers of their vote? How low is the OneLessVote crew going to go? How thin is their argument that a made of safety issue is #1 on the list?

  3. Siobhan Winograd is the person behind the “risk of violence “ claim.

  4. VOTE NO

  5. So afraid of the vote that the village and the council are obstructing voters right to petition. Another disgraceful action by this bully ball. The Village manager and council was sited by a highly reputable Bergen County Judge is doing the wrong thing. Are you saying the judge is wrong in saying RW violated residents Civil Rights. Read the judgement

  6. Thank you to the Village attorney for appealing. That is completely legal. Have the OVOV brigade not heard of the appellate court? Part of our democratic judicial system.

  7. My takeaway from the documents was that the Village Clerk was not required to give legal advice but part of her duty was to provide the petitioning group with the number of signatures needed. Perhaps she made a simple error as these rules can be complicated. Does the Clerk report to the Village Manager or directly to the Mayor?

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