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An Anti “One Village One Vote” Group is now Gone Live


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, a new group has been established to, ” support our local spring elections including our right to vote on our annual school budget. Our local elections empower our community.”  The groups name is Keep Our Vote and has been established to combat the propaganda campaign promoted by the “One Village One Vote” euphemistically known as  “One Village No Vote” .

“No elections will have a more direct impact on your day to day life than your local elections. We support each Ridgewood voter’s opportunity to focus on local issues and have your say on our annual school budget. Never trust someone who looks to take a voting right away from you. Keep your voice! Keep Our Vote! ”

The new website address is 

Facebook page :






One thought on “An Anti “One Village One Vote” Group is now Gone Live

  1. Finally; a sane group of taxpayers with much common sense.

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