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Large Oak Tree Strikes House on Hillcrest Road in Ridgewood

Large Oak Tree Strikes House on Hillcrest Road in Ridewood
photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook
March 2,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood Nj, in the second tree incident in as many days ,no injuries were reported following the crash of a large oak tree into a single family home located at 527 Hillcrest Road, Ridgewood on Thursday morning, 03/02. Ridgewood PD and FD units responded to the scene after receipt of a 911 telephone call from a passerby. An initial assessment by FD personnel indicated that the structure sustained only minor cosmetic & structural damage, and would likely remain inhabitable. A crew from the Village of Ridgewood’s Shade Tree Division was dispatched to removed the downed tree and debris. A neighboring home also suffered minor cosmetic damage during the incident.
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6 thoughts on “Large Oak Tree Strikes House on Hillcrest Road in Ridgewood

  1. Homeowners need to look and their trees for rot and over-growth. As I can see from Lloyd’s pictures, this homeowner certainly needed that tree and the surrounding trees pruned.
    If you have concerns, call a local tree service. That tree could have fallen the other way onto someone’s house.

  2. Based upon the tree’s location, it would appear to be a Village tree and not the homeowner’s.

  3. Good catch it is the towns tree….

  4. With the amount of trees falling and being taken down on Hillcrest, it soon will no longer be a tree-lined street! The property owner had another town tree fall on their property a few years back and town never replaced it.

  5. The town will replace trees. One was lost in front of our house and replaced with a good-sized tree shortly thereafter.

  6. With the current rate of tree falling and especially tree cuts by owners and PSEG this village will be tree free within a decade.

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