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Lawsuit Filed to Invalidate Saddle River Affordable Housing Approval

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Saddle River NJ, a resident of the borough has filed a lawsuit alleging the Saddle River Planning Board approved a 112-unit affordable apartment complex without allowing time for objector statements and witnesses.

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The complaint was filed April 13 in state Superior Court in Hackensack by attorney Matthew Gilson on behalf of Vincent Blehl, who lives immediately east of the 8.38-acre project on Choctaw Trail, off Route 17 north. The largest of the borough’s four affordable housing projects was approved Jan. 25 after two hearings and memorialized March 1.

Blehl contends the board ignored another resident’s Jan. 25 letter requesting an adjournment so he could “obtain professionals and the opportunity to present a case in opposition.”  Blehl is seeking to have the March 1 memorialization invalidated, effectively holding up construction.

6 thoughts on “Lawsuit Filed to Invalidate Saddle River Affordable Housing Approval

  1. Typical of some of the local town governments. Case in point—- the proposed DPW at the old Charlie Brown’s site on Linwood Avenue. Many Ridgewood, Paramus and Washington Twp residents close to this location knew nothing about the DPW proposal until Washington Twp resident Bill McAuliffe was kind enough to alert us to the situation. Due to his efforts a petition was started on with over 700 signatures to date and still counting. Hopefully enough people will sign the petition and attend future town meetings to get the town mayor and council to change their minds.

  2. If the affordable housing can’t be built in Saddle River, just build it in Ridgewood instead. Win-win for everyone.

  3. Bill and the residents of Washington Township won!!
    The DPW has backed off on the plan to setup at Charlie Browns.
    It was a terrible plan, so glad the community came out strong and won.

    1. So glad to hear.

  4. See…
    In Saddle River, they are RICH but NOT STUPID like we are in Ridgewood.

    In Saddle River, they know how to be RICH

  5. My friends in saddle river busted their ass to get out of paterson passaic and newark.
    now the liberal NJ supreme court ruling of Mt Laurel forces them to live with the people who DIDNT work hard to get out of these shithole cities
    welcome to the peoples republic of NJ

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