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Legalized Corruption? Why Hillary Won’t Be Prosecuted for Clinton Foundation Allegations


by Meredith McGehee | 7:09 pm, August 30th, 2016

Meredith McGeheeserves as the Policy Director at the Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan organization that seeks to enforce campaign finance laws.

Even if everything the Associated Press has reported so far about the link between donations to the Clinton Foundation and access to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is confirmed—including the most damning allegations—nothing that has been revealed to date is likely ever to be prosecuted. That is because the current Supreme Court seems to think selling access is not illegal. This is not to say that the actions ofHillary Clinton or the functionaries she surrounded herself with are on the level. Rather, it is because the Court has all-but-legalized what most people consider to be corruption, especially in the form of pay-to-play.

So even if Clinton’s team put meetings at the State Department on the auction block, or arranged for donors to schmooze with world leaders, or pressed for policy changes that favored donors, at least so far there do not appear to be violations of current anti- corruption laws as the courts now interprets them. None of what has been reported counts as legally corrupt as far as the out-of-touch Roberts Court is concerned, and thus will likely never be prosecuted.

3 thoughts on “Legalized Corruption? Why Hillary Won’t Be Prosecuted for Clinton Foundation Allegations

  1. The woman is the cheerleader for corruption. Greed, lying and arrogance are Clintons’ whole show.

  2. She won’t be prosecuted because it has always been an insane witchhunt and this was the only thing they could come up with.

  3. The “only thing they could come up with”? Selling access to the State Dept? Millions going into this so-called foundation that doles back out a small percentage? You’re okay with this?

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