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Mahwah Sheraton Hotel Issues a Notice of Layoffs

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Mahwah NJ, the Sheraton Mahwah Hotel has issued a notice to the state that it intends to lay off 91 employees by Dec. 15. It is unclear if the layoffs signal a closing or only a service reduction at the hotel, but the word is for months that the hotel would be closing.

The notice comes as a proposal to replace the 22-story hotel on 143 acres with two warehouses awaits a second hearing before the Mahwah township’s Planning Board .

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4 thoughts on “Mahwah Sheraton Hotel Issues a Notice of Layoffs

  1. We feel bad for the employees, but that place needed a complete overhaul. Believe me there’s more than just warehouses going there. I’m surprised they don’t bring all the illegal migrants from New York City. Let them live there for a year can you imagine?

  2. There are huge warehouses being built all over NJ in the middle of populated areas and taking away acres of trees and green spaces. Yet, nobody cares. such indifference is killing this former garden state. Combine this travesty with high density housing and you get elizabeth and newark.

  3. Yes I will move out of state.

  4. What will become of the Deadman’s Curve Carzy Hot Rod Weekend?????????????

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