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Mahwah to add T-Mobile as a Third Carrier to its Fire Station Call Tower

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Mahwah NJ, the Mahwah Township Council approved a bid Monday for a $42,000 annual contract with T-Mobile as a third carrier on its Fire Station 3 monopole cell tower.

T-Mobile will join AT&T and Verizon as carriers. Mahwah Business Administrator Ben Kezmarsky said Tuesday that “the T-Mobile lease and agreement will still take time to go into effect.”

The township approved the controversial Fire Station tower to address a 2-mile-wide dead zone on its northern border in September 2019 after 14 years of debate.

Originally a  150-foot temporary cell tower at the township’s Fire Company 3 site was activated in May 2021 has received  mixed reviews by an estimated 5,300 residents in the 2-mile-wide dead zone on the township’s northern border. Some residents were happy reporting that their cellphones had reception for the first time, but there were also reports of erratic service depending on where they lived and the type of service used. The 150-foot temporary cell tower  was replaced by a permanent 183-foot tower will provide better reception.

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