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Man Defecates in Glen Rock Store Aisle and Leaves Building

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Glen Rock NJ , we don’t know how we previously missed this one, according to the Glen Rock Police on August 6th at 3:26 p.m. the Manager of Bottle King reported that a male customer had asked to use the restroom in the store. The customer was advised that was not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions which were in place. The man then proceeded to defecate on the floor of a store aisle and left the building. Detectives are attempting to identify the subject and the store manager was advised of the procedure to sign a complaint under the Glen Rock Borough Ordinance, which prohibits individuals from defecating or urinating in public view.

6 thoughts on “Man Defecates in Glen Rock Store Aisle and Leaves Building

  1. Cameras all over that facility….the defecator will be apprehended (with gloves) shortly.

  2. Open up the bathrooms.

  3. Id imagine his bowel issue was Urgent

    Proof likely in the outcome

    They have 10 million empty boxes
    That might have been a thought ..

  4. When you gotta go you gotta go!

  5. #BowelMovementsMatter

  6. Hail BMOVmatta

    Let them fly ..sign of times ..

    A new powerful Positive MoveMent

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