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Mayhem at the Interstate Shopping Center in Ramsey

Ramsey Mayhem

photo coutesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook

March 7,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ramsey NJ, Mayhem of sorts on Tuesday afternoon, 03/06, at the Interstate Shopping Center in Ramsey after a 4-door sedan struck an exterior support column in front of Five Below, striking a passing vehicle in the process, then mounted a curb and wiped out a traffic control sign. A parked tow truck called by police to remove the wrecked sedan was hit by another vehicle. Ramsey Police and Upper Saddle River EMS responded to the incident. All drivers and passengers refused medical aid. At least one (1) vehicle was removed from the scene by a flatbed tow truck. An additional tow truck was observed responding to the area to evaluate another vehicle involved in the crash. Damage to the shopping center structure appeared to have been cosmetic in nature only.

3 thoughts on “Mayhem at the Interstate Shopping Center in Ramsey

  1. The Interstate Shopping Center’s parking lot is the worst I’ve ever been into. I refuse to shop there any longer because the lot is so poorly designed.

  2. Is this Who cares about a fender bender 10 miles and three towns from here? Just because Boyd chases an ambulance and photographs where it stops doesn’t mean anyone else cares.

  3. 10:27 I so agree with you!!! Boyd, get a life!! Who cares?? Stay off the Blog with all you useless photos. I have been at scenes and all you do is get in the way.

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