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McCann Wins Bergen County Republican Organization Policy Committee Recommendation

2John McCann Announces His Candidacy for Congress in New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hackensack NJ, longtime Republican activist and attorney John McCann scored an impressive victory over four other opponents on Wednesday night as he earned an overwhelming victory at the Bergen County Republican Organization Policy Committee meeting on Wednesday night.  McCann outpaced his closest competitor by a substantial margin of almost two to one.

The Bergen County Republican Organization Policy Committee is now recommending John McCann for the Republican Party line at the Republican convention on March 23, 2020.  

This victory for McCann follows a recent poll conducted for Assemblyman Bob Auth that shows McCann with a two point lead over liberal Democrat incumbent Congressman Josh Gottheimer setting up a competitive race in November.

Additionally, McCann benefitted from the recent endorsement of Steve Rogers who is a Trump Advisory Board member and the President of America Winning Coalition which is the largest Trump grassroots organization in New Jersey.

This endorsement by the Bergen County Republican Organization Policy Committee is expected to consolidate and strengthen McCann’s support from the entire Bergen County Republican Organization at the March 23 convention where the official Republican line will be awarded.

One thought on “McCann Wins Bergen County Republican Organization Policy Committee Recommendation

  1. This has to be the single most comical thing I’ve seen come out of an election since Ronald Reagan trounced Walter Mondale in 1984 and took 49 out of 50 states in an electoral college landslide of 525 to 13.

    John McCann is a delusional buffoon whose ability to lose a race is second only to his inability to form a single cohesive thought in that tiny little brain of his. He ran perhaps the worst campaign in the history of the district. He emerged from the June 2018 primary down by 6% – and that was the closest he ever came to winning. He also talks of having a “name” in the race. The only name recognition he has left is “negative” name recognition, not that much different than Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. His inability to raise any money or support of any kind speaks perfectly to how bad he is at inspiring anyone. In fact, John singularly responsible for Josh’s current war chest. Because John didn’t campaign for the entire general election cycle in 2018 (either on purpose or because he had no money), he allowed Josh to bank every dime he was able to raise (nice job, McCann!!).

    For some perspective; John lost the race for Congress in 2018 by an eye-popping 12.5% — in a REPUBLICAN District!! And for some additional perspective, Democrats don’t even lose by that much! And when he attempts to “blame” the 2018 blue wave; he fails to mention that the other Republican candidate on the ballot with him (for Senate), Bob Hugin, won the District by 2%! I guess the Blue wave only affects terrible candidates.

    And finally, John’s inner circle of Rob, Danielle, Carlo, Norman, Rich, Bob, Paulie and a scant few others all have one thing in common: they are either failed, or soon-to-be failed mayors, assemblymen, councilmen, freeholders, and other party leaders. It’s sad that this once proud party in Bergen County, has allowed such a sad and uninspiring hack to have even the tiniest amount of exposure in this race. Shame on them for putting person ambition ahead their party and their country.

    I hope John enjoys the final seconds of his 15 minutes of fame. He’s already lost the support of the young, most females voters, business leaders. small businesses, Washington, DC, and the vast majority of voters other three counties that make up the district. Let this political travesty be a lesson to Bergen County. “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many to the few.”

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