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Mike Morea Presents; So You Are Planning On Reopening Your Business … Now What?

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Upper Saddle River NJ, Description: Join Michael Morea, Esq. of Morea Law LLC and Marc Radin CPA of Marc Radin, P.C. to learn about the issues you as a business owner need to think about and address as the reopening of your business (or its physical location) approaches. We will cover such topics as:

– Employer obligations to provide a safe workplace during the COVID-19 Pandemic;
– Obligations to accommodations high risk individuals;
– Considerations for remote work;
– What to do if an employee tests positive for COVID-19;
– Maximizing the potential loss for your benefit (income tax, need-based aid for college students)
– Expand/contract/refine existing product or service lines
– Grow your own skillsets (continuing education and/or peripheral specializations)
– Reviewing your books and records to make the most of the “rainy day”
The webinar will open approximately 10 minutes before the start time.


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5 thoughts on “Mike Morea Presents; So You Are Planning On Reopening Your Business … Now What?

  1. a lot of people making a lot of money over this….

  2. Free market Laissez-fair, anonymous.

  3. just a comment… no judgement…

  4. Everyone needs to be careful with their mind because some people are doing price gouging.

  5. speaking of price gouging… walgreens, cvs, stop& shop, acme ALL advertise products that are not available, yet refuse to issue rain checks. This is pure bullshit. If a car dealer has one cheap car at a low price, they are required to list the serial number in the add or state how many are REALLY for sale at that teaser price. Same for the sleazy electronic stores, they state ’10 available at this price’. But Gov Beaver Teeth is giving these scumbags a ‘pass’ by allowing them to advertise in their weekly circulars with NO stock… and refusing rain checks. Scumbags

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