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More Road Work on the Way for Ridgewood in 2018


March 10,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Street Paving has been another major point of contention the last couple of years ,especially with PSE&G  and Ridgewood Water digging up the streets working on infrastructure improvements .
According to Councilmen Ramon Hache , last year  the Village  spent $2 million on paving roads.

Improvements the roads will continue from 2017. The Village council recently appropriated $2.16 million for the 2018 road paving program which will begin this spring. Bergen County has appropriated $13 million for road paving this year. We will be working with the County to ensure they repair the County roads in Ridgewood which are clearly the worst in the entire Village.

16 thoughts on “More Road Work on the Way for Ridgewood in 2018

  1. I’ll believe it when I see it…

  2. How about the bridge on Spring Ave ?

  3. This is a complete mistruth..they are all fiddling while Rome burns to the efforts to build a mega garage to no where.For the DEVELOPERS of all groups who pay nothing to the village versus the towns taxpayers who cars are wrecked every day due to the horrific street pavement neglect.Sewers caving into the ground is a don’t ask don’t tell situation .

  4. I live on Ackerman Avenue which is a county road can someone please notify the county regarding this road of being repaired thank you.

  5. Hillcrest please. It is a mess yet side streets were all re-done. Pot holes galore

  6. Spring av needs a new bridge

  7. Why is many of the county roads in town are in such bad shape. The village manager needs to contact the Bergen County division whoever takes care of the road repairs and have them respond into town this is ridiculous

  8. Spring, Brookside, Fairway, No Pleasant…..

  9. The hole town is s mess. Big deal they’re going to spend 2 million on paving. They need to spend five Million to catch up

  10. I’m on Ridgewood Avenue another county road and the road is a disaster. Some of these people are 100% right regarding county roads in Ridgewood he looks like a war zone on some of these main roads. It’s not the village responsibility I called Bourbon County and they keep on tell me put on the list.

  11. Hillcrest rd was on the road repair schedule then mysteriously was taken off when a for profit business was placed in the park…this was when Roberta was there…maybe another gift for he beloved health barn…she didn’t want her many many busses to have no entrance. Let the tax payers get flat tires as long as healthbarn makes $$$$$

  12. Please pave Spring Ave!

  13. I know I will risk James’ wrath on this but the current village manager is a major downgrade compared to Roberta. During Roberta’s tenure I would call the department and at least have someone talk to me and look at a schedule and tell me if my road was scheduled for paving etc. Today I can’t speak to anyone and I can’t get a call back. Picking of this manager is Susan’s responsibility and it seemed to me at the time it was just an emotional and personal affection for Heather. Village manager is the most important person in the village as it has a direct day to day impact to town/resident issues.

  14. Most of the roads are horrendous – and if they are not – they seem to tear them up at any given spot and any given moment to do god knows what and then they are never the same after that. There seems to be constant road closures/detours all year long – The roads in this town are a mess- period!

  15. Also they don’t even give you any “notice” – inform people a couple of blocks ahead or so, so that another road can be taken. You don’t know of the closure until you are smack upon it

  16. Current coucil have done close to nothing on major road paving ..they paved the eastside main avenue in front of the northbound side of he train station ; as it was a complete P&G blowaway & an embarrassment and in their face . We should vote these folks out.We are close to being a broken town…and the developments have yet to tear up Franklin and brogan and other targetted sites.WE DESERVE FAR BETTER ROADS.

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