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Mozilla CEO’s exit tests Silicon Valley’s tolerance

Mozilla - Brendan Eich

Mozilla CEO’s exit tests Silicon Valley’s tolerance

By Gerry Shih April 4, 2014 9:25 PM

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Tech workers in Silicon Valley debated on Friday whether Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich got the comeuppance he deserved or was himself a victim of intolerance when he resigned under pressure this week amid outrage over his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Some, especially a dating website that had urged its users to boycott Mozilla’s popular Firefox web browser, cheered Eich’s resignation after less than two weeks as CEO of the nonprofit software company. Others viewed him as a victim and called his critics intolerant of people with different views.

Mozilla co-founder Eich, who invented the programming language Javascript, donated $1,000 in 2008 to support Proposition 8, which sought to ban same-sex marriage in California. Voters approved the measure, but it was struck down last June by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Eich did not respond to requests for comment on Friday, but he had posted an apology on his blog before he resigned for the pain his stance had caused. His views about gay marriage had been known within Mozilla for nearly two years, but controversy erupted after he was appointed CEO in late March.–sector.html

2 thoughts on “Mozilla CEO’s exit tests Silicon Valley’s tolerance

  1. When we live in a country where you can lose your job for taking a position on a political issue (and notably one that that 52% of the state supported), we no longer live in a free country. Can we truly have free public debate if the consequences of such discussion may be the loss of your job? Sounds more like the old Soviet Union than the U.S.A. I believed in. R.I.P. “Home of the Free”.

    By the way, why is it that President Obama is still our President? When he ran for President he said it was his position that marriage should be 1 man 1 woman.

  2. Now the liberal democrats want to change federal campaign contribution laws in order to gather names of people who donate to conservative causes.
    Liberals are insecure, selfish, vindictive, intolerant, pot smoking nut jobs.
    This country is a joke around the world and seems to be going down the tubes. FAST.

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