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Municipal Court Consolidation Could lead to Major Cut in Property Taxes

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, an interesting idea has sprung up that might even save New Jersey’s beleaguered taxpayers some money, Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson recently proposed the countywide municipal court system, which would handle all of the lesser offenses in the county — things like motor vehicle and parking tickets, violating municipal ordinances and minor criminal offenses.

State Senate President Steve Sweeney, who has been an advocate for consolidation as a way to realize huge savings, enthusiastically supported Levinson’s proposal. Sweeney said he would amend his bill making it easier to share services to help make the countywide municipal court happen.
A committee including Superior Court Judge Mark Sandson, Assignment Judge Julio Mendez, Court Administrator Harold Berchtold and County Counsel James Ferguson is researching how the court would be structured and how much money municipalities would save.
Maybe its time other counties like Bergen give it a look with the  specifics on how to accomplish consolidation must be worked out locally. In reality, there is no “one way” or “best way” to accomplish this. The only certainty is that
establishing a joint or shared court requires commitment, solid information and strong communication on the part of all involved parties; namely, municipalities, vicinage management, the judge(s), and court staff.

7 thoughts on “Municipal Court Consolidation Could lead to Major Cut in Property Taxes

  1. The cost of municipal courts wont do shit to lower your taxes.
    Wanna save 50% of the tax bill? READ:
    Since its been PROVEN that REMOTE learning works well, lets hire teachers from KY or IN who have traditional american values and will be thrilled to get paid 30k per year, and pay a very high portion of their average health care premiums (not cadillac union NJ plans with low copay)
    The average tax bill will decrease by 50%.
    Lets see who has the balls to do this. Unfortunately the career political hacks in NJ are owned by the teachers union.

  2. Another grab by the counties.

  3. Anonymous #1

    – Where has it been proven that remote learning works well? Just because you capitalized certain words does not make it true. We have no way of knowing in Dec 2020 whether remote learning hurt or harmed kids at all.
    – It is the high point of east coast elitism to think that Kentucky teachers are just going to eat NJ shit because of their “traditional American values.” They are not immune to union rallying — they had a protest/sickout over retirement pensions as recently as 2019 ( — I would love for NJ to fire all their teachers and re-hire Kentucky ones, only for them to strike on day one because they know their worth.

  4. Remote Learning is Make Believe Learning.

  5. Way too many police, Start using county and state police to Pitch in. Every time there’s an accident out on route 17 in Ridgewood it’s Ridgewood police ,fire ,EMTs ,emergency service. What are we paying county and state taxes for. It’s state police ‘s job it’s a state highway.

  6. anyone who thinks this move will save taxes is a fool.

  7. Does it mean we can get rid of pfund? He can’t suffer enough professionally for the damages he’s done to the village

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