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Murphy Administration Manipulates Long Term Care COVID-19 death totals

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River Vale NJ, Assemblywomen Holly Schepisi  comments on the Murphy Administration manipulation of Long Term Care COVID-19 death totals. According to Schepisi ,”1400 deaths have been removed by the State of N.J. between yesterday and today from the total number of COVID deaths from our Long Term Care Facilities because although the deaths appeared to be COVID caused deaths they were never lab confirmed by the facilities.
But even worse, the State is continuing to count these deaths in the overall State total! Today’s total death count was just reported as 10,586 deaths with 162 new deaths. Yesterday’s total death count was 10,435 deaths with 75 new deaths. Friday’s death count was 10,138 deaths. How do we continue to have 10,586 total deaths if we have subtracted out 1400 in the past 24 hours? If DATA DETERMINES DATES the data better make sense.”

The Assemblywomen then took a deep dive into the Bergen County COVID-19 numbers from 5/7/2020 through 5/18/2020. These numbers were interesting for a whole host of reasons. I will break down the findings below:
146 cases have been removed during that time from our Long Term Care Facilities. I heard the State DOH is starting to count cases at LTCFs differently but I have no idea why this number of cases were removed and we will follow up to find out.
.****UPDATE — apparently the State decided 2 months into this to change the way of reporting data again. Up until today Bergen County had 4,180 Total positive cases at its LTCFs. Now Bergen County has 2,856 positive residents and 1,316 positive staff at Long Term Care Facilities with 874 lab confirmed COVID deaths of residents and 10 lab confirmed COVID deaths of staff. A total of 1400 deaths in LTCFs have been removed between yesterday and today.
There were a total of 803 new cases during this 12 day period, 399 of the new cases came from LTCF
59.8% of all COVID deaths in Bergen County are residents of Long Term Care Facilities yet these residents represent less than 0.8 percent of the total population of Bergen County
The data provided by the State and the County does not add up. By way of example there were 45 new cases in Rockleigh but a total of -6 cases at the Rockleigh LTCFs during this same time. If those new cases weren’t coming from the LTCFs then a significant number of the population of Rockleigh became simultaneously infected which is not the case.
(a) 10 out of 70 towns had 0 cases during this time
(b) 37 out of 70 towns had 1-10 cases during this time
(c) 12 out of 70 towns had 11-20 cases during this time
(d) 6 out of 70 towns had 21-30 cases during this time
(e) 5 out of 70 towns (Paramus, Rockleigh, Bergenfield, Hackensack and Lodi) had 31 or more cases during this time.
28% of cases come from 5 municipalities – Hackensack, Teaneck, Paramus, Bergenfield and Englewood. Out of these municipalities only Bergenfield has no LTCF.

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3 thoughts on “Murphy Administration Manipulates Long Term Care COVID-19 death totals

  1. For extremely long time We had nothing but problems in so many nursing homes. That’s because the workers don’t give a shit. Shit pay shit service. That’s why so many of them were filthy and smelled like death.

  2. That’s because the children of these seniors don’t want to be inconvenienced with their care.
    Out of sight out of mind.
    I’m late for my spin class… gotta go.

  3. Government reports the deaths with an eye towards maximizing revenue from Uncle Sam. The more dead the more money. So the failure by Murphy will be used to fleece the US taxpayers. Little Josh will be posting every day about ow much money he brought bake to NJ from the Moocher States.

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