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National Puppy Day is this Wednesday, March 23rd

photo by ArtChick

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, at Trupanion, a leader in medical insurance for pets, we wanted to know what names our new little four legged friends across the country would come running to.

photo by ArtChick

So, we analyzed our database of more than 650,000 insured pets to determine the top 10 puppy names of 2022.

Luna and Charlie hold on to the top spots at #1 and #2 respectively, while Bella crosses the line by a paw – overtaking Cooper as the third most popular puppy name. And, a shout out to all of the Rosie’s out there, as she slips into this year’s list at #10.

Top 10 puppy names for 2022

1. Luna

2. Charlie

3. Bella

4. Milo

5. Daisy

6. Cooper

7. Lucy

8. Bailey

9. Coco

10. Rosie


In addition to the cuddly companionship, pets are believed to reduce stress and improve overall health and well-being.  So let’s give our puppies a few extra belly rubs this Wednesday in appreciation!

photo by ArtChick

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