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National Weather Service : Increasing Potential for a Significant Winter Storm Wednesday Afternoon into Thursday morning

Snow Blizzard of 2016 Ridgewood CBD

photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, break out the brine, the National Weather Service warns  around an inch of snow is possible on Monday. and there is increasing potential for a significant winter storm Wednesday afternoon into Thursday morning, with heavy snow and strong winds for southern Connecticut, northeast New Jersey and southeast New York.

12 thoughts on “National Weather Service : Increasing Potential for a Significant Winter Storm Wednesday Afternoon into Thursday morning

  1. What about my leaves. This is going to be a mess again.

  2. The leaves wind up down the end of the street when the plow comes by….they’ll get picked up March.

  3. They were out in my neighborhood yesterday- Sunday.

  4. Oh really what section of town .

  5. Other towns have been working on Saturdays . And then hey are on top of their clean up . No that we have a big storm coming, not good .

  6. I just don’t understand how come the leaf crew has not been working weekends like other municipalities do. I do know years back the crews are working on a Saturday whatever happened to that. I’ve been living in town the past 30 years and years back they would be done by now. Who the hell’s in charge. Obviously they don’t have no how! Lack of experience. This doesn’t look good at all. The mayor and council need to get involved now. I definitely will be sending them an email.

  7. Going to 28 degrees tonight.

    Hopefully the road crew can lay down some salt.

    Then on Wednesday let the brining begin…!

  8. Yes the beginning will start the mess, my lawn is spotless in front of my house is spotless, and now I’m gonna get everybody else’s leaves on my lawn they better plow around these piles.

  9. It’s an annual event.
    The leaves fall and the snow comes, sometimes very close together.
    “Why haven’t the leaves been picked up in front of MY HOUSE”
    If you haven’t learned about what in life is important this year, you never will learn.

  10. My street picked up today, third time this year. You chumps live in the wrong part of town.

  11. I hate leaves!!!!!!

  12. My leaves have been picked up twice. So far so good.
    NOT looking forward to shovelling upwards of 16 inches of ‘global warming’ tho.

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