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Net Result of the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Pause is the most Vulnerable remain Vulnerable

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Ridgewood NJ, on April 6th the Village of Ridgewood announced it has has just received the single dose  Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The Johnson and Johnson  vaccine was “paused” by the CDC and FDA on April 13th.

Dr. Nirav Shah, president of the Association of State Territorial Health Officers and the director of the Maine CDC gave some very profound testimony on the Johnson and Johnson pause:

Shah said ,”Any extension of the pause will invariably result in vulnerable individuals in the United States who were prime candidates for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine will remain vulnerable.

The most at risk will remain at risk, and those who would benefit immediately from vaccination will remain unvaccinated for an unknown period of time. That would come at a period where the United States is still logging 5,000 deaths in the past seven days just across the country at a time when there were 489,000 new cases just in the past seven days.

The initial reason for the pause was, among others…so appropriate treatment could be given. It’s always possible to get more data.  In the history of pharmaceuticals, we are always refining our understanding of risk. That’s always part of it. But there are also tools available today to better evaluate and mitigate that risk while continuing the provision of the J&J vaccine.“

2 thoughts on “Net Result of the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Pause is the most Vulnerable remain Vulnerable

  1. JNJ learned that when you don’t pay off the right people, you get punished….

  2. I am not advocating for or against the vaccine, as it is anindividual choice. Just more information people who care to be educated on the issue should be aware of:

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