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New Jersey Gas Tax Now 10th Highest in the Nation and Road rank 4th worst.


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Ridgewooed NJ, USA Today reports that New Jersey now has the 10th high gas tax , and we now know that gas tax increases are all but guaranteed, New Jersey will work its way to the top. 

Currently the State gas tax: 37.1 cents per gallon, Gas price, this is a bit old we’d guess more like $2.90 but USA Today reports $2.61 per gallon (13th highest) .The total take for state and federal taxes as percent of gas price: 14.2 percent (10th highest) and here is the big one ,wait for it the percent of roadway in sub-optimal condition: 29.4 percent (fourth highest). 

3 thoughts on “New Jersey Gas Tax Now 10th Highest in the Nation and Road rank 4th worst.

  1. Thanks James for posting. The liberal media fails to report that the tax again automatically increased by 4c due to insufficient revenue . The initial huge fuel tax increase DEACREASED revenue since truckers who used to buy fuel here when it was w better deal no longer do so. The morons in Trenton thought they would just jam another tax increase up our ass and apparently things didn’t work out as planned.
    They chased the big earners out of the state before they changed the inheritance tax, and they won’t be moving back. All of the state and municipal employees who milked their jobs for generous pensions and medical benefit move away when they retire so their golden goose pensions won’t be taxed. Let’s not forget that old bag senator Weinberg “earmarked” (stole) 2 billion dollars from the gas tax increase to pay for her failed light rail extension to benefit her constituents in teanack and englewood … If that failed pipe dream ever happens the costs will be higher thanks to the greedy unions and that gas tax will go up again…. Keep buying tire and rims because the pothole won’t get fixed and the roads suck. I’d also like to know how many billions of dollars were pissed away building sound walls next to the highways to reward those fools who decided to buy a cheap house next to a busy highway that was there before they were .
    Typical New Jersey. Vote democrap gets you crap.

  2. NJ is the poster child of the old adage: “The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”

    And yet this approach never dies after failing everywhere it’s ever been tried, with the likes of Warren, Sanders, and AOC.

  3. Awesome first comment there anon…this state along with Ridgewood is a greedy shithole…11 more months and I’m GONE

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