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New Jersey is one of the most unappreciated states in the whole United States


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June 17,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, New Jersey is one of the most unappreciated states in the whole United States. People who live in New Jersey are proud of their state. What makes New Jersey ,is truly a riddle. Everything bad that is usually said about New Jersey can be blamed on New York City in the north and Philadelphia in the South .

New York city one of the world’s greatest and biggest cities full of energy and drive and a huge international destination for business and tourism . Philadelphia is a city of great historical importance ,central to the founding the United States.

New Jersey with its sprawling suburbs is often viewed as a bed room community for New York City and Philadelphia . Where many commuters head to the cities for work and retire to the quite low crime suburbs at night.

New Jersey is officially called the garden state. New Jersey’s biggest city is Newark. The capital city is Trenton. There are many attractions to see in New Jersey. The Paterson Falls and historic district, the Ironbound Section of Newark ,the Jersey Shore , gambling in Atlantic City, Historic Cape May, Six Flags Great Adventure ,Met Life Stadium , Thoroughbred Racing at Monmouth Park , the Pine Barons and there are also many far more rural and farm like settings to visit .

There is easy access to both New York and Philadelphia via Mass Transit . You can even visit the statue of Liberty and Ellis Island via ferry from Jersey City. There can be heavy traffic for drivers but you never have to pump your own gas.

Another reason to visit New Jersey is its beautiful and plentiful beaches . In New Jersey the beach is called “the shore” . People from New York and Philadelphia come to New Jersey for a swim , enjoy and sunbath.

Coastal Living magazine ranks the best small waterfront communities for its annual “Happiest Seaside Town in America” issue, and for 2018, the happiest of them all is Ocean City, N.J. In the report Coastal Living calls out the classic Jersey Shore town for its “Residential Historic District full of Victorian bungalows and beach cottages making year-round life feel like an old-fashioned vacation.”

The biggest museum in New Jersey is the Newark Museum. It has a large collection of American and, surprisingly, Tibetan art. The Newark museum is a cultural cornerstone of New Jersey. It has different sections devoted to history, natural sciences, art, music, etc. It doesn’t have so many rarities like the museums in New York but it definitely has its own heart.

In New Jersey they debate “Taylor Ham” vs “Pork Roll “, the pizza is excellent and good food is plentiful . The State is filled with shopping malls and an American classic , “Diners” stand at every cross road.

Don’t hesitate to visit New Jersey with your girlfriend(which you can find on . There are many benefits waiting for you that you can enjoy visiting the garden state as well as easy access to both Philadelphia and New York City.

4 thoughts on “New Jersey is one of the most unappreciated states in the whole United States

  1. Is this a junior high school essay? Good grief.

  2. As it should be, at least around Bergen County.

  3. I feel like a kid wrote this.

    Everyone mentions the Ironbound. Have you lived there? It’s gross. Let me tell you what happens when people are done drinking here. They throw up and pass out on our streets. I’ve had to call the cops countless times. It also smells from the garbage incinerator. Not to mention all the other noxious stuff they release in the air down here. I remember there was a map of the USA that said what each state was known for, NJ is known for it’s manufaturing of chemicals. That’s what the map said. This state has literally made me sick. Whenever I leave I feel better. I’m stuck here another few years and then I’m out.

  4. State of New Jersey (and many of its municipalities) has been mismanaged by politicians and manipulated by interest groups leading to state and property taxes that make living here difficult for many. There are beautiful places where schools are top notch but housing costs are ridiculous then crapholes that few should pass through lest live in. We do have some nice beaches though

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