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New Jersey Ranks in the Middle of the Pack in the 2022’s Best & Worst States to Drive in

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Ridgewood NJ, With traffic congestion costing U.S. drivers an average of 36 hours and $564 during 2021, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2022’s Best & Worst States to Drive in, New Jersey surprisingly did not do as poorly as expected . We all noticed the increasing congestion and massive  traffic backup’s on Route 4 and Route 17 . New Jersey placed 38 overall with a score of  53.75 . We ranked 36th in cost of ownership,  48th Traffic & Infrastructure and amazingly ,ranked  4th in safety.

To determine the most driver-friendly states in the U.S., WalletHub compared the 50 states across 31 key metrics. The data set ranges from average gas prices to rush-hour traffic congestion to road quality.

Best States for Driving Worst States for Driving
1. Iowa 41. Wyoming
2. Oklahoma 42. Missouri
3. Kansas 43. Michigan
4. North Carolina 44. Colorado
5. Texas 45. Washington
6. Georgia 46. Maryland
7. Wisconsin 47. California
8. Tennessee 48. Delaware
9. Illinois 49. Rhode Island
10. Indiana 50. Hawaii

Best vs. Worst

West Virginia has one of the lowest shares of rush-hour traffic congestion, 6.00 percent, which is 14.5 times lower than in California, the state with the highest at 87.00 percent.
Oklahoma has the lowest average regular gas price, $2.98 per gallon, which is 1.6 times lower than in California, the state with the highest at $4.71 per gallon.
Vermont has the fewest car thefts (per 1,000 residents), 0.42, which is 12.5 times fewer than in Colorado, the state with the most at 5.24.
California has the most auto-repair shops (per square root of the population), 1.513006, which is 7.5 times more than in Hawaii, the state with the fewest at 0.201255.
Maine has the lowest average car insurance rate, $858, which is 3.3 times lower than in Louisiana, the state with the highest at $2,839.

To view the full report and your state’s rank, please visit:


3 thoughts on “New Jersey Ranks in the Middle of the Pack in the 2022’s Best & Worst States to Drive in

  1. The state police needs to do more on route 17, every time there’s an accident there’s nowhere to be found isn’t it funny. And it’s their highway it’s their responsibility. Not Ridgewood‘s responsibility to respond to every single accident on route 17. We sent police, recent fire, we son EMTs, and so on. I hope we are sending them the bill. What’s next should we respond to start cleaning the highway and maintaining it too. Maybe we should so things get done because it’s filthy, the litter, the grass 3 feet high, ridiculous.

  2. how about those ambulences from upstate NY on rt 17 that are really acting as limousines… how come the cops dont pull them over

  3. The roads are filthy.

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