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New Jersey Transit Police Officers and Travelers Combined Efforts to Save a Commuter’s life

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Secaucus NJ,  New Jersey Transit Police officers and travelers combined efforts to save a commuter’s life recently. In November, Officer Yahm was notified of a possible stroke victim on a train at Secaucus Junction. There, he located an unresponsive commuter on a waiting train. A fellow traveler was administering chest compressions.⁣

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⁣Yahm radioed for aid and observed that the unresponsive commuter was not breathing and had no pulse. Yahm deployed an automated external defibrillator (AED) that had been retrieved by another commuter. Following the AED shock, the commuter remained unresponsive. Yahm and a fellow traveler continued chest compressions. ⁣
Multiple NJTPD officers arrived and joined the effort. Together, each of the officers rotated through chest compressions and several provided additional aid including oxygen. The officers included Lt. Mooney, Lt. Sullivan, Officer Butka, Officer Turel, Officer Walker, and Officer Truppa.⁣
The officers’ lifesaving efforts continued until EMS arrived and intervened. Upon additional shock and rescue breathing, a faint pulse and the victim’s breathing was restored.⁣


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