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New Jersey Transit Police Officers apprehend driver of stolen vehicle following home invasion

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Clifton NJ, on Tuesday February 22nd, New Jersey Transit Police Officers were investigating the theft of catalytic converters and license plates that recently occurred at Clifton Station. The investigation led officers to Paterson NJ and the area around Paterson Train Station. There, officers observed a stolen vehicle with the stolen license plates affixed.

The operator/ suspect attempted to flee the area. While attempting to evade officers, the suspect left the vehicle and forced his way into an occupied residence. NJTPD officers brought the residents to safety, cleared the location, and apprehended the suspect without injury to the public. The stolen vehicle and stolen license plates were recovered as well.
A great job by New Jersey Transit Police:
Officer Penalva
Officer Singleton
Sergeant Dulmer
Lieutenant Sperlazza
Officer Shannon
Officer Ydo (not pictured)
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