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New Jersey’s New Safe Passing Law: Give 4 feet when Passing People Walking or Biking

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Upper Saddle River  NJ, New Jersey’s new Safe Passing Law went into effect on March 1st, 2022. With one of the strongest and most comprehensive safe passing laws in the county, New Jersey can now better protect vulnerable road users. The new law aims to prevent the near misses, injuries, and deaths that often occur on our streets.

Upper Saddle River Police remind drivers , NJ law requires drivers to give 4 feet when passing people walking or biking. If 4 feet isn’t possible, change lanes or slow to 25 mph and be prepared to stop until you can pass safely.

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13 thoughts on “New Jersey’s New Safe Passing Law: Give 4 feet when Passing People Walking or Biking

  1. So what happens when the radical cyclists who take over the road like saddle river east and west are riding 5 abreast in their stupid looking black tights with their dentist mirrors? Is the road officially closed? I’d like to see some enforcement about them impeding the flow of traffic

    1. NJ law requires them to ride in single file.

      1. I’d like to know if there was EVER a summons issued for this

        1. Very very unlikely.

      2. 39:4-14.2, 39:4-10.11 Operating Regulations.
        Every person riding a bicycle on a roadway shall ride as near to the right roadside as practicable exercising due care when passing a standing vehicle or one proceeding in the same direction. A bicyclist may move left under any of the following conditions: 1) To make a left turn from a left turn lane or pocket; 2) To avoid debris, drains, or other hazardous conditions on the right; 3) To pass a slower moving vehicle; 4) To occupy any available lane when traveling at the same speed as other traffic; 6) To travel no more than two abreast when traffic is not impeded, but otherwise ride in single file. Every person riding a bicycle shall ride in the same direction as vehicular traffic. In New Jersey, the law states a bicyclist must obey all state and local automobile driving laws. A parent may be held responsible for the child’s violation of any traffic law.

        1. What about grown men wearing orange spandex Capri shorts?

          1. Suppress your urges and move on with your day?

  2. I ride quite a bit these days.

    Most drivers give me space but then there are a few loggerheads that come close to clipping me.

    I got tagged by a sideview mirror of a rental truck last week. Pretty scary stuff.

    1. I love the ones who drive up behind you and then honk the horn at you when they are a few feet away………………………….

      And don’t forget the ones who won’t dim their high beams.

  3. Share the road goes for everyone. Remind me again, who pays road use taxes?

    1. Electric (coal powered) cars don’t pay any road taxes.
      Its time to assess an annual tax and higher vehicle registrations on these feel-good-do-nothing-virtual-signaling-contraptions

  4. 4 feet is practically very hard to do on a road like N Maple. When a bike rider is basically almost in the middle of the lane there is not much room when you consider the incoming traffic. It is getting worse due to increased traffic related to high density housing. Personally I would not ride my bike on Maple for fear of being hit. When you see drivers with their eyes on a phone and above speed limit it is just a matter of time before a tragedy happens. It is getting very tight around here.

    1. “Personally I would not ride my bike on Maple for fear of being hit.”

      Try West Saddle River Road, especially when it’s dark…….

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