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New Registration Fee Goes Into Effect for NJ Electric Car Owners

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Ridgewood NJ, starting July 1, owning an electric vehicle (EV) in New Jersey just became more expensive, thanks to a new annual registration fee aimed at funding transportation infrastructure projects. Here’s what you need to know about the latest developments affecting EV owners in the Garden State.

Increased Registration Fees

Owners of zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs) in New Jersey are now required to pay a yearly registration fee of $250 on top of the regular registration charges. According to the governor’s office, this fee will incrementally rise by $10 each year for the next four years, eventually capping at $290 annually.

Upfront Payment Requirement

New EV owners face a substantial upfront cost as well. They are mandated to pay the registration fees for the next four years in advance, totaling an additional $1,000 on top of their initial registration fees. This measure aims to bolster the state’s Transportation Trust Fund program, which supports a range of transportation infrastructure initiatives crucial for enhancing New Jersey’s mobility and sustainability efforts.

Context and Future Plans

These fee increases come amidst broader initiatives by New Jersey to promote electric vehicles and curb emissions. The state plans to phase out the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035, with restrictions beginning as early as 2027. This regulatory push aligns with global trends towards cleaner transportation solutions and reflects New Jersey’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.

Impact on EV Adoption

While the new fees are intended to support vital infrastructure improvements, they may pose financial challenges for current and prospective EV owners. Advocates for electric vehicles argue that such costs could deter individuals from switching to cleaner transportation alternatives, potentially slowing down the adoption of EVs in the state.


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10 thoughts on “New Registration Fee Goes Into Effect for NJ Electric Car Owners

  1. These contraptions are heavier due to battery weight and cause more wear on the roads.
    250 a year is a bargain. I pay that in gas taxes in a few months

    1. Exactly, now if we can get pink and orange clothed bicyclists who won’t actually “share the road” to pay for road use it will be a perfect world.

    2. They need to find a way to base the fee on actual use.

      The gas tax pretty much functions in that way for ICE vehicles, but a flat fee has negative effects on those who don’t drive many miles and don’t cause as much road wear.

      It drives the total registration costs to the level of a fairly heavy truck, which causes much more road wear.

      1. Or maybe tax every kwh while the EV recharges, even at home. I’m sure the onboard computer could monitor the charging and send a statement to the state for billing like an EZpass.

    3. the current gas tax is .4235/gallon, so you must drive a hell of a lot of miles per year if you can pay $250 in gas taxes in a few months.

  2. All this is liberal bullshit! Vote the stinking democrats out and get us back to sanity!

  3. Ha dont worry that’s well underway

  4. GAS! I don’t trust ev’s are safe at all, let alone the anxiety of driving one never knowing how much battery juice is left.

    1. range anxiety is FUD, except for folks who know nothing about EV’s but think they do.

  5. … and so it begins.

    Ha Ha Ha

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