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New York City to Lift Vaccine and Mask Mandates

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file photo at the Charging bull in Lower Manhattan

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New York NY, New York City will lift its vaccine and mask mandates for indoor businesses, dining and events in the coming days.

Mayor Eric Adams announced Sunday that his administration would end its vaccine mandate requirements on Monday, March 7, so long as Covid-19 cases continue to trend downward. He joins public officials who made similar decisions in cities such as Washington DC, Seattle and Boston in recent weeks.

Schools also will see the indoor mask mandate lifted on the same day, provided no unexpected spikes arise, Adams said.
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul allowed the statewide mask policy to expire following a temporary extension into February as cases dropped. The mandate had also been subject to a legal challenge.

7 thoughts on “New York City to Lift Vaccine and Mask Mandates

  1. way overdue but very welcome

  2. All led by FLA and VA Governors. Blue states resisted but can’t stand in the way any longer.

  3. Blue states had no choice. They love controlling your life but with mid terms in 8 mths and red states leading the way..their hands were tied.

  4. Seersucker suit ?

  5. Where the heck is Covid? No mention on cnn in days! We must’ve beaten it.

  6. Haven’t seen Fouci in 2 weeks. He went from 5 TV Interviews a weekend shows to zero. The super bowl killed the fraud. Celebrities and politicians unmasked having a great time in a mask mandated city.
    There are still people that will mask their kids after March 7. Take note. That are insane and I would not let my children be near them.

  7. All Biden voters should be forced to wear 2 masks!

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