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NJ Democrat Reps Must Return Campaign Cash Received From Russian Energy Lobbyist

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Trenton NJ, Tom Szymanski, Executive Director of the New Jersey Republican Party (“NJGOP”) issued the following response stemming from reports that Democratic Representatives Tom Malinowski, Mikie Sherrill, Andy Kim and Josh Gottheimer had accepted donations from a Nord Stream 2 lobbyist:

“New Jerseyans are paying an average of $4.34 today for a gallon of gas thanks to the failed and short-sighted energy policies perpetuated by Joe Biden and his Democrat allies in Congress. By shutting off domestic energy production at the outset of the Biden Administration, Democrats have made this country more dependent on hostile foreign powers like Vladimir Putin’s Russia for its energy. Now, we come to learn that Malinowski, Sherrill, Kim, and Gottheimer have taken thousands in campaign contributions from a Russian energy lobbyist,” said Szymanski.

He continued: “Where is their loyalty: to their own campaign coffers, or to the millions of New Jerseyans suffering every day over the toll that inflation and rising energy costs are taking? Representatives Malinowski, Sherrill, Kim and Gottheimer can settle that question once and for all by immediately returning the money they took from Russian energy lobbyists and apologizing to the people of New Jersey, and we demand they to do just that.”

4 thoughts on “NJ Democrat Reps Must Return Campaign Cash Received From Russian Energy Lobbyist

  1. Follow the money…..

  2. Russian money has been funding many of the environmental groups in the USA for a long time. It’s a strategy that has been very effective, especially under Democratic administrations, with their policies that have seriously hindered US energy independence.

    1. Bingo. Communist authoritarians (most notably the Russians and the Chinese) have funded vast swaths of the environmental, “peace” (aka, unilateral disarmament) and other movements that have divided Americans and attacked our institutions, including the nuclear family. The thought is that if you get the U.S. to destroy itself, you don’t have to confront its military. I’d say they’ve been very effective.

  3. Russian money is small change…. follow the Chinese money.

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