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NJ Democrat Senator Bob Menendez Files Motion to Dismiss Indictment

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Ridgewood NJ, Senator Bob Menendez, a Democrat from New Jersey, has filed a motion on Wednesday seeking the dismissal of charges accusing him of bribery and acting as a foreign agent. In a statement, Menendez’s lawyer, Adam Fee, argued that the charges are unconstitutional and the motion was filed to expose the alleged fundamental flaws in the government’s case.

Fee stated, “The charges against him violate Constitutional safeguards designed to prevent overzealous prosecutors from second-guessing the good-faith actions of elected officials. As our motion shows, much of what the prosecutors have charged here cannot even constitute a crime. There should be no trial.”

He added, “The government should be compelled to end this case, along with its one-sided effort to falsely tarnish the reputation that Senator Menendez built through 50 years of patriotic public service. We look forward to the Court’s ruling.”

Menendez and his wife were initially charged in September with bribery, accused of accepting substantial sums in exchange for leveraging the senator’s influence to benefit New Jersey businessmen and the Egyptian government. Menendez temporarily stepped down as chair of the Foreign Relations Committee but remains a committee member.

Facing additional charges in October related to allegedly providing sensitive information to the Egyptian government, Menendez, his wife, and the businessmen have all pleaded not guilty.

Recently, a federal grand jury issued a second superseding indictment, claiming Menendez assisted a New Jersey developer in securing a multimillion-dollar investment from a company linked to Qatar. Menendez vehemently denied these new allegations in a Senate floor speech and called for the opportunity to present his case in court, describing the prosecution as a “persecution” seeking victory rather than justice.

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7 thoughts on “NJ Democrat Senator Bob Menendez Files Motion to Dismiss Indictment

  1. Scumbag

  2. SOP. It will be denied.

  3. I hope his charges are dismissed and he is on the ballot again. Guaranteed that libt.ards will vote for him again and again like they have done many times before.

      1. have to see it to believe it

  4. Ah, no. Giving his voting base equal time as he did at his press conference in Jersey City. (in Spanish) No.

  5. Strange picture.

    Is that from a ‘Lord of the Flies’ audition..?

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