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NJ MVC Executive Director “Failing Up” to Biden Administration Defense Department Gig

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Trenton NJ,  Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso, who called for soon-to-be former MVC Executive Director Sue Fulton to resign and told her to get her act together during an Assembly Budget hearing on Monday, was surprised to hear that Fulton was being hired by President Joe Biden to become an assistant secretary at the U.S. Defense Department.

More Murphy Administration incompetency allowed to “Fail Up” .  ‘Fail upward’: landing successively sweeter gigs even after professional mediocrity or missteps and MVC Executive Director Sue Fulton is a perfect example . “Failing Up” is also common feature of cronyism, where a social group ie Democrats continue to reward themselves despite a string of obvious failures .

Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso, continues, “Fulton was a disaster managing a state motor vehicle commission. There is no way she can handle the responsibility of managing affairs in the Department of Defense,” said DiMaso (R-Monmouth). “America really is the land of opportunity. It doesn’t matter how much a person fails.”

DiMaso and other lawmakers had sharp criticism for Fulton Monday saying the MVC’s appointment system was worst in the state along with the state Labor Department’s unemployment system during the pandemic.

“It seems to be excuse after excuse, you need to get your act together,” said DiMaso, after mentioning there were no appointments to get a Real ID driver’s license when she went online during the hearing. “My staff gets calls from people who can’t get their unemployment money with a license to provide who they are. It’s unacceptable and frustrating.”

7 thoughts on “NJ MVC Executive Director “Failing Up” to Biden Administration Defense Department Gig

  1. This is just amazing. This sounds like the Village , The less you do, the less you know, The more lazy you are, the promotions and stipends come to you. Why because then they can control you like a puppet. The more you doing the more you know the more you get screwed. As long as you say yes yes yes you will go up the ladder.

  2. She is highly qualified. (LGBTQ)

  3. Oh boy

  4. Just remarkable ‘

  5. Democrats are so racist and biased, judging people on their external characteristics rather than their internal skills…

    Its all about quotas, not quality.
    Its all political posturing and virtue signaling.

  6. New jersey motor vehicle is a. Major disaster. It’s going to take at least another six months to a year to straighten out. Such an embarrassment this is not a Third World country

  7. in vineland nj you are interrogated by armed security guards before being allowed to enter and do business; armed guards for the processing of paperwork! really?! they dont do this in communist china and russia! who in MVC feels the need for armed security guards? THIS IS NOT THE DEFINITION OF FREEDOM.

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