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NJ PAAIN Taking Action To Feed & Provide For Paterson’s Less Fortunate

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Paterson NJ,  NJ PAAIN owner, Roger Lester provided protective devices, meals, water, and clothing necessities to all of Paterson on Friday December 24th between 11am-3pm. The center was filled with volunteers and grateful recipients that do not have access to items handed out on a regular basis. 

Lester acknowledged the second year of Covid during the holidays by stating, “We served over 100 people today. Although they might be homeless, with Omicron reigning supreme they still have to be safe out here because they are human beings as well. These past few years the holidays are about everyone staying safe.” This is not NJ PAAIN’s first time helping the community by giving the less fortunate necessities. 

The holiday season is when the organization serves the community the most. Although, PAAIN’s efforts are year round. The Founder/Owner, Roger Lester attests this to be the first year without having to come out of pocket to feed the community due to the help of restaurant partners in Bergen County. A Ridgewood, NJ restaurant prepared over 200 hot meals on December 17th to accommodate the organizations need to meet Paterson citizens on the city’s streets. While other partnering organizations such as; Pharmacy Plus located in Paterson, NJ helping the organization reach out to the elderly & Connex4NPO located in Westwood, NJ gives NJ PAAIN access to more items for donation purposes. 

Today’s announcement will help bring awareness to NJ PAAIN and the impact it has on the Greater New Jersey community. We are seeking donations and volunteers throughout the year

to assist with our year round programs. Those interested should contact us by phone (973) 341-7567 or visiting our website

“In a city where we see so much hopelessness, and inhumane circumstances my organization is committed to being the change.” said Roger Lester, Owner of NJ PAAIN. “Our commitment does not stop in Paterson, we aim to expand our services to Jersey City, Camden, Newark, Trenton, and other cities going through the same”. 

PAAIN is a For-Profit organization based in Paterson, NJ and focuses on serving the under-served individuals in the Paterson, NJ area. PAAIN’s mission is to provide evidence based practices to assist in the fight against the many plagues of a community. This can be obtained through partnerships with the individual(s) and outside agencies. The goal is to restore the individual back to baseline and assist in the rebuilding of one’s thinking that will ultimately reflect in their behavior and lifestyle of the individual. 

PAAIN is committed to the empathy, confidentiality, and trust for the individual. Everyone will be handled with patience, hard work, and dedication. As of June 2021, Our for-profit organization is part of the United States Supply Chain. We are certified as a small business enterprise (SBE) & minority owned business enterprise (MBE). 

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