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NJ State Trooper Buys Gas For Stranded Motorist

the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Cranbury NJ,  according to the NJ state Police , “As State Troopers in the performance of our duty we don’t always get a thank you from the citizens we interact with and that’s ok. We never ask for it, nor do we expect it because it’s not only our job but our passion to help people.
Recently however, we got a thank you note and wanted to let that citizen know, we appreciate it.”

On Tuesday, January 18, a motorist was traveling on the New Jersey Turnpike when, due to a broken dashboard gas gauge, she ran out of gas and requested assistance from New Jersey Turnpike Operations. Unfortunately, due to a financial hardship, she was unable to pay for the fuel needed and became distraught. Sergeant Andrew Pica and Trooper Desiree Gonzalez of Troop “D” Cranbury Station were dispatched to the scene to assist.
When Sgt. Pica and Tpr. Gonzalez arrived, they were able to calm her down and learned that she was unaware she did not have enough fuel due to the broken gauge. Sgt. Pica and Trooper Gonzalez suggested securing funds from a friend to provide a couple gallons of gas to get to the next service area. The troopers realized that having the vehicle towed would only add to her debt and make a tough financial situation even worse.
Despite getting monetary help, Sgt. Pica knew that the distance she would need to travel was more than what she had been able to obtain from her friend, he gave her the additional cash from his own pocket so she could drive to the service area and get the necessary fuel to make it home.
For good measure, Sgt. Pica followed her to the service area to ensure she did not experience any other issues before he departed.
In closing, thank you for the note, we appreciate you taking the time to send it to us, and we made sure Sgt. Pica was made aware, he said thank you too!
Below is the note she sent us regarding her interaction.
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