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Same ole Same Ole, All we get is excuses on why things cant happen


Same ole Same Ole. All we get is excuses on why things cant happen. Can anyone recall a decision taken and driven to resolution by the council We needs real leaders to help drive change, improvement, and repairs. Pick 5-6 items and drive them, no excuses, no blockers, just leadership.

Some suggestions
1) Repair/pave the roads, when you hit a pothole who cares who should have filled it. The village roads are a mess.
2) Do something, do anything to manage and lead the water department. Sell it, merge it, whatever, but get the village the water it needs (certainly no droughts, etc), sell any new buildings, Do something with this please.
3) Push the BOE to adhere to reasonable budgets, manage costs, and raise standards (stop saying you cant impact this!!, it hurts the village).
4)Get the Police to enforce local speed limits on residential streets, install stop signs on long roads that lead to speeding. This is just stepping up and doing something.
5) Stop selling train station parking spaces to non residents, impossible to get a spot after 6:45am, Help reduce traffic by installing a east heading parking lot exit by removing the bike lane and a simple ramp near the ticket office turnaround to Ridgewood Ave. Really not rocket science and woudl help traffic on many fronts.

Please just do something to lead and own some of these issues. .