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How to Fully Protect Yourself When Facing Legal Issues

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When you are facing a tricky legal situation, you might be wondering how to properly protect yourself. There are many ways for you to do this, from basic to obscure, but whichever path you choose to take, you should ensure you are fully insulated and have the adequate support channels in place to prevent you from receiving a harsh punishment or having a mental break. Still, in situations like these, it is best to stay as calm as you can and address it maturely. If you have done nothing, the likelihood of conviction is very low, and although some people slip through the cracks and find themselves wrongfully convicted of crimes, the chances of that happening are slim to none.

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Reader says It is Time for Ridgewood to Appeal the Valley Ruling


Appeal, yes, but the town may also wish to obtain a stay the part of the ruling that requires the Council to adopt the specified ordinance. The latter is no mean feat. Final judgments and orders from New Jersey Superior Court trial court judges are extremely difficult to “dislodge”. Appellate Division judges have to practically be charmed to within an inch of their lives before agreeing to block implementation of a trial court’s judgment pending final appellate disposition. The whole system is more or less designed to front load power at the trial court level rather than at the apellate level. Hard to see why things must be arranged this way but thems the facts and Ridgewood must deal with them squarely.

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Judge denies bid by ex-Bergen County Democrat leader Ferriero to remain free while on appeal



A judge on Tuesday shot down former Bergen County Democratic Party leader Joseph A. Ferriero’s bid to remain free while he appeals his federal corruption conviction, setting the stage for his surrender on Thursday to begin serving a nearly three-year prison sentence. Peter J. Sampson, The Record Read more

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Tom Brady

May 16, 5:59 PM EDT

Tom Brady signaled in his appeal of his “Deflategate” suspension that he will put NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s credibility on trial, further inflating the stakes in what started as a silly little scandal about the air pressure in footballs.

The expected federal court case – and, to borrow a phrase, it’s more probable than not that’s just where it’s headed – could define or limit the powers of the commissioner long after the Super Bowl MVP returns to the field.

“I think this is much bigger than a four-game suspension for Tom Brady,” said Gabe Feldman, a Tulane Law School professor and the director of the Sports Law Program there. “This is part of that continuing battle for the role of the commissioner in disciplinary matters.

“This is a decades-old principal, that the office of the commissioner was created in part to protect the game and to determine what’s in the best interest of the league. This is why (the league) bargained for this back in 2011 – that the commissioner is in the best position to determine that.”

A four-time Super Bowl champion and the face of the most successful NFL franchise of this century, Brady was suspended four games after a league investigation found he was “at least generally aware” of a scheme to illegally deflate footballs used in the AFC title game. NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent also fined the New England Patriots $1 million and took away two draft picks.

Brady has denied any impropriety, and the NFL Players Association appealed the suspension this week in a three-page letter that demanded Goodell recuse himself as the hearing officer. Loading the letter with references to NFL decisions that were overturned or otherwise botched, union lawyers laid the groundwork for a court case that would take the decision out of his hands.