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Reader suggests “walkout-movement-funds” Is a backdoor fundraising for upcoming council elections


photo , one click and 4000 were notified that Alexandra Harwin was running for office

  • They changed the title of the campaign – Earlier it was “walkout-movement-funds” which is still the URL – but now the title says – “Student Activism Club Funds”.
  • lauren and john saraceno – $100. Is this a backdoor fundraising for upcoming council elections?
  • Supporting Harwin, from Voigt to Aronsohn, Pucciarelli, Sonenfeld, Hauck, HalabyX2…..does any right-minded person think she would be good for the town?????
  • Isn’t Harwin the one all over Facebook that took private e mails from 15 year olds during school hours to push her agenda? That is sneaky and scary to me. I have children in that school and do not need that kind of agendas being pushed!! Unethical!
  • In addition to collecting the home addresses of minors who attended her presentation, she also collected their e-mail addresses. What is going to be done with this data? Who will these e-mails be passed along to?
  • Wasn’t Ms. Harwin’s spouse, Rabbi Noah Fabricant, collecting the e-mail addresses of Jewish children in Ridgewood, allegedly to notify them of bias incidents?
  • Both spouses collecting the e-mail addresses of minors? Something doesn’t seem quite right with this.
  • Ms Harwin has removed her membership from a Facebook Page that was asking legitimate questions about her appearance at RHS yesterday. She does not want to see what people are saying. She does not want to respond to people’s concerns. What a gal. She surely does not think she can represent the entire village if she is only willing to hear what her supporters have to say.