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Arango’s Great Victory Over An Actual Republican

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by Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein

Hoboken NJ, Since Primary Election Day, Tuesday, June 8th, Jose Arango, the Republican-in-name-only who chairs the Hudson County Republican Party, has been celebrating a great victory. 

If one were to believe his badly misspelled and severely grammatically challenged social media posts, Arango mobilized Hudson GOP forces to defeat an AOC styled socialist candidate for office. Based on the same social media posts and eye witnesses, at least 8 volunteers, in addition to Arango himself, were on the ground door knocking, wearing t-shirts, and holding signs for his personally chosen Republican opposition to this mini-AOC. From the social media posts regarding this great effort, one can see that this was the largest deployment Arango has ever run for any election in his over decade as chair of the Hudson County Republican Party. 

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