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Reader asks Does the allegory “little kids in a candy store” hit home?

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Short of putting a Hex on them, can anyone come up with ANY ideas as how to get the council to open their eyes and ears? Discussing, speaking up, writing letters–the council seems to be surrounded by an invisible force field. We don’t have the money to augment all their fancy ideas but they seem to think it grows on trees or falls from heaven for them. Does the allegory “little kids in a candy store” hit home? Their continued adoration of the Health Barn is only one of the places they absolutely refuse to see a problem. With all the ways the original lease has been defied, there should have been many adequate reasons to cancel their contract. Instead the council hurries up and produces generators so The Health Barn could continue with their profit making activities while almost everyone in Ridgewood lacked power. If our town lawyer said that was a necessity, then he should be replaced with a lawyer who will research the facts instead of responding with whatever comes to the top of his head when asked a question.