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So who is Really financing Josh Gottheimer’s Campaign more Saudi wife beaters ,and disgraced ex-congressmen inquiring minds want to know ?

Joshua S

Josh Gottheimer’s Q2 FEC Report

July 12,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, In advance of the release of Democratic candidate Josh Gottheimer’s second quarter Federal Election Commission report, the Ridgewood blog has a few questions that we think the media should be asking but will not about who is funding his campaign?

More Saudi wife beaters ,disgraced ex congressmen inquiring minds want to know ?

What percentage of his donors are in-state versus out-of-state?
What percentage of his donors are actually from New Jersey’s Fifth District?
Last year, The New York Times highlighted that one in six dollars Gottheimer raised came directly from the Clinton network. Is this still the case? Or is it even higher?

Voters in New Jersey’s Fifth District have a right to know who is funding Josh Gottheimer’s attempt to buy this congressional seat – and the New Jersey media has a responsibility to ask tough questions.