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Reader Calls Chris Kaufman, “a fractured Board Member”

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Chris (Kaufman) is a fractured Board Member, all he does at this point is raise opposing views for no other reason than to hear his own voice, most of his arguments are just for the sake of arguing because of the changing dynamics of the school board which he has no control over. When a board is ‘fractured’ by just one member it can barely function. Why is it that a tenured board member, chooses to run for re-election with his buddy (“Lastly, I have chosen to run with my friend Mahmoud.”) ? It’s because he realizes that he can no longer stand on his own two feet, and in addition, to present an even deeper divide to the board in the event that they both are elected. Chris should finish his term, and leave his volunteer post, there is only positive in having served, by running for re-election all he is doing is cementing a negative, lets do him a favor and keep him on the positive side of the volunteer ledger and cast your vote for a fresh volunteer board member. Mahmoud is barely present, so no mention.