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Village Council Public Workshop Agenda For April 7th 7:30pm


photo by Boyd Loving

Village Council Public Workshop Agenda

For the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic, Village Hall is closed to the public and meetings are being held with participants at remote locations, connecting to conferencing software provided by

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Readers Favor Smaller Garage that Would fit the Footprint of the Hudson Street lot

Hudson garage

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Would You be In Favor of a Smaller Garage that fit the Footprint of the Hudson Street lot

Yes 64.76%
No 35.24%

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Ridgewood Parking Garage “Plan D ” still fails to fit the Footprint of Hudson Street lot

Hudson Street Garage bogus renderings
file photo by Saurabh Dani
March 9,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ , In Mayor’s corner (newsletter) from this week, our mayor writes “This time, the ordinance is for $11.5 million, and our plan is to build a 325-car parking deck that would basically fit within the footprint of the current lot.”

A letter to Editorial published in Friday’s Ridgewood News writes – “The Village Council continues to modify the plans to address certain concerns raised by some, and to create a larger consensus. The latest rendition seems to accomplish that on many levels- even one level less of a deck.”

However both of these statements prove to be incorrect. Plan D does not fit within the lot, it still encroaches out 4-5 feet and is higher than the allowed zoning in that zone. The latest rendition (plan D), doe not reduce one level, it’s still 5 levels, it’s just about 3 feet short of plan A, and that’s achieved by reducing the height of each level by few inches.

To be more specific Plan D does not fit on the footprint of the existing lot. Plan D still goes over the existing lot by 5ft onto the existing sidewalk. The sidewalk will then be moved 4ft into Hudson Street (therefore narrowing the sidewalk by 1ft, and narrowing Hudson street for the length of the garage by 4ft). On January 6th, when the council could not receive the super majority vote it needed to bond in house for Option C (3 stories (approx 38ft high-not including towers), 4 levels of parking, 12 ft beyond the sidewalk and into the street), The mayor agreed to go back to the architect for a plan that fit on the lot. At the January 13th council meeting, the village manager repeated that they were “focusing on the parking garage that fits within the footprint”.

At the January 14th Historic Preservation Commission meeting, the mayor told the HPC as well as the members of the public at that meeting 3 times, “we’ve agreed to make sure it does not encroach upon the street”. At the January 27th council meeting, there were no sketches, drawings, etc, but it was announced that the new plan would go over the existing lot, “not more than 5ft”, and it would be 4 stories and 5 levels of parking (1 story more than Option C from January 6th). When the village manager and Mayor were asked where is the garage that “fits on the footprint”, the reply was, “this is close”. Yes, Option D is less than 12ft into the street, but it’s still not “on the lot”, and now it’s a story higher than Option C.
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To learn more about the ground conditions at the Hudson Street Lot the Village will be doing some testing. This is in preparation for the potential construction of a new parking facility. The testing will take place this Sunday, June 7th.

A consultant working for the Village will be performing ground penetrating radar (gpr) survey of the Hudson Street parking lot. To do this survey the lot needs to be free of cars to be effective.

The Hudson Street Lot will be closed at midnight Saturday, June 6 with several barricades to deny access. The lot will be reopened at 2:00 pm on Sunday, June 7. No cars will be permitted to park in the lot during that time period. Vehicle access to the rear of the properties on East Ridgewood Avenue through the lot will be maintained. Emergency access through the lot will be maintained.

The gpr equipment is small, makes no noise and does not take up much room.

Please share this information on the short term closing of this lot with friends and neighbors.