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Reader says Apps on phone are the most vulnerable to hackers


.Apps on phone are the most vulnerable to hackers. This is according recent to PBS newshour segment So why would I want a parking App and only make myself more vulnerable to hackers and also pay more for parking

What Roberta is not saying: Teaneck is contemplating going from free parking to metered parking with parking meters. If parking meters are becoming obsolete why would Teaneck be considering them.

The GREAT ALL KNOWING Roberta is either wrong about parking meters becoming obsolete or she is purposely not telling us the truth and pretending to us that they are becoming obsolete when in fact they are not. Witness all the towns across the U.S. that use them.

If Ridgewood is so great on community why can’t Roberta and town staff find someone honest to collect quarters. I don’t believe that honest people don’t exist, they do.

What doesn’t exist are smart managers who know how to hire honest people. Roberta, are you reading this?