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First Threats Now Physical Assaults Good Thing the Ridgewood has Far Higher Standards

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ
file photo by Boyd Loving of Council Majority
Readers not happy with council response to unacceptable attacks of residents  :
Seriously, someone argues it is ok to knock a camera out of a person’s hands? Yes, no one should shove a camera in someone else’s face. But that is not what happened here. (And if it did, someone should have called the Police earlier.) Condoning and urging violence between Villagers cannot be viewed simply as the ravings of a self-styled curmudgeon. It is what we would expect to hear from a fascist who seeks to undermine democracy. Sadly, the comment personifies the mire into which we have been led by members of our Council.

This just in from Big Al – clearly he is running on defense. We know that Albert hates Dana, we heard him threaten Dana a few weeks ago, then we saw him join in a middle-school-boys’ bashing of Dana in cahoots with Aronsohn and Bob Fuhrman. Albert may claim that he does not want to outlaw taping, but he sure as hell does What he hates more than anything is that all of his nasty, inappropriate outbursts have been caught on tape by the Village cameras (and by other peoples cameras) and replayed over and over and over. It makes it impossible for him to escape the truth about himself, that his temper is unmanageable and flares up often and publicly. So read what Albert is saying here:

·If the reference in this article to an ordinance “introduced” at the January 27 Village Council meeting is referring to a draft ordinance that I circulated for comment, that ordinance does not purport to prohibit or restrict video or audio recording at Council meetings. It would require that participants at meetings that are not otherwise being recorded, such as a meeting of the Arts Council, be informed that the meeting is being recorded.
Albert Pucciarell

Reader says Delzio was standing with his foot inside the legs of Dana’s tripod. He had his face in Dana’s face. He was twisting his neck and putting his face in front of the camera lens. Dana was silently standing there with his camera, as he is entitled to do by law. He did not rise to the provocation of this aggressor at all. The only thing he did was take out his cell phone AFTER Delizio started cell-phone-taping HIM. Delzio was 100% aggressor and Dana was 100% passive, quiet, and orderly. You did not see what happened, and your wife sure as heck did not because her eyes were glued onto Jim Griffiths’ event. So your commentary is less than meaningless. You constantly criticize the blog, but you are posting based on the skewed report that your friend Gwenn gave you – and remember, GWENN STATED THAT SHE DID NOT SEE ANYTHING and that NO ONE SAW ANYTHING. Consider your source. Have some warm milk and go to bed.