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Is Political Correctness Hampering the Ramsey Police Investigation of a String of Robberies Targeting Cell Phones and Tablets

Ramsey Police Report a String of Robberies Targeting Cell Phones  and Tablets

Quiz time: What information might the authorities have passed on to the general public about the appearance of the assailants, but mysteriously did not?

Absolutely absurd that these suspects are not being profiled properly. Take a lesson from the wyckoff chief and maybe we can protect ourselfs from these criminals.

What futher description Age Race hair color what is medium build ?.height etc

These guys are maniacs and need to be caught.pistol whipping people needs a serious police reaction ..before these crimes are copied..

“Remain vigilant and report any sort of suspicious activity” says the police chief.

What he’s asking you to do, in his own diplomatic way, is to drop dime on anybody who subjectively looks to you, the bona fide neighborhood resident, like they are out of place and might be up to no good. Unlike the average patrolman, there are no career-ending consequences for an ordinary resident to defy PC orthodoxy and shine the floodlamp of municipal authority on a potential perp. For all of our sakes, don’t go wobbly when something just doesn’t quite look right to you, but you can’t easily explain why. Your telephone call opens the door for the police to roll up on that person and chat them up without any further cause or reason, even if, had you never called, the police themselves, applying their own department guidelines or criteria (read: straightjacket), would have refrained from stopping and talking to the person in question.

In other words, do us all a favor and don’t let fear of how you’ll later be perceived affect the decision of whether or not to call the police.